Sector Conquest hurts Corporations

With the introduction of sector conquest in matchmaking, and the direct influence of corporations on the shaping of territory gain, there are new issues that need to be addressed.


While in sector conquest, it is not uncommon for members of my corporation (Dynamis) to find themselves on both sides of the fight. Since our corporation flies for the Federation, this does not make sense in any way, shape, or form.


When we are forced to fly against eachother, we not only hurt our corporation’s ranking, but we also hurt the cause of the Federation.


Sector conquest needs to assign pilots to a side based on their corporation. Pilots from the same corporation should NEVER be fighting against eachother. Corporations fighting for the same side (Federation, Empire, or Jericho) should NEVER be pitted against eachother.


At present, no-one from my corporation has any idea how allegiance is determined or how points are scored for our faction. We are forced to go out of our way to try and avoid queueing for a fight at the same time. Frankly, it’s rediculous and needs to be fixed.

Yes, sector conquest really needs to be redone/rethought and modified.

I’m going one step further and ask a pretty provocative question: are there even sector conquest battles yet ?


All I’m seeing ingame so far is a normal arcade battle where a galaxy sector map is being shown beforehand that may or may not be related to the battle.

There sure does not seem to be a way to see how much a win or loss just influenced those percentage numbers for sector control either.


So sector control = simple arcade game with random start graphic ?

Isn’t it just the top five scorers who add 1 win to their team?


Won’t matter unless your Corp accounts for the top 6+.  

as i mentioned somewhere else - sector control should be with realistic battle mode faction vs faction - each player having 1 ceptor, 1 fighter, 1 frig slot and forth slot who has them can choose whatever they want to use it for. Every skilled teamplayer dream come true.