SC's First Universe - Full Concept.

This is directed at all who want to move SC beyond just combat in the game, ultimately to a mmorpg, since is has great potential for that. here is a map, lets post idea’s here on how we can merge the following elements

* Guild dominated systems.

* Faction Dominated Systems

* Guild recognition : An option or symbol to visualize what Guild has how much area (possibly an aura effect).

* Mechanics on how it will mesh together Things like:

* Guild politics ; How to start wars, attack a system, conquer it, build it, trade, alliances.

* Benefits from holding systems



I also included what a solar system might look like if it was on a map.

lets make all solar systems about 150,000km x 150,000km wide.

In open universe has been suggested a couple of times, but the devs decided to make it instance and PvP based so I think we won’t see open world in the near future.

dont hurt to get idea’s out for when they do ;O