Screen-Lock (For those who can't go full-screen)

I have the hardest time maneuvering when in battle because my mouse (pointer) keeps exiting the window and clicking on things on my taskbar or desktop. I am unable to put my game in to full-screen for some reason, so don’t say “Oh, just put the game in to full-screen, dummy.” 'cause that doesn’t work. I propose an option to “screen-lock” the mouse or pointer while in battle to prevent this from happening. Ever since obt 0.8.X, it has been leaving the screen. I just never got around to asking about this problem. It seems to be pretty rare, so this should be implemented as a settings option instead of an actual feature.



I can lock SC in full screen mode but it resets to full screen windowed mode every time I launch the game, so after a while I just don’t care. During matches, the game behaves nicely. In hanger, map view or basically during any time where there’s a cursor that I can use to click, the cursor triggers active screen corners (it’s a Mac feature). 

I did say that it was a relatively rare occurrence, didn’t I? Im pretty sure it has something to do with your hardware setup.