Scenario Idea

So here is my idea for a PvE scenario.


Each ship role has an individual spawn and objective (ie; engineer: protect the cargo ship |recon: capture the beacons |gunship: elimiate the enemy forces)  but the players however are all still allies. To show which players are following the same objective however there could be different name colours to prevent confusion between players (dark blue: defense | yellow: offense | grey: capture) My idea has a few down falls how ever, such as: certain classes are  equals in terms of roles (LRF and gunship are both high firepower ship types, guard and command both can endure heavy amounts of damage), aswell as creating a map that would suite this type of battle could prove difficult. The battle would however promote teamwork from players following the same objective as survivng means that they need to back each other up. There however should only be two stages due to the complexity of the first stage of the scenario.The battle could have a boss battle as part of one of the stages (possibly multiple to compensate for higher player count?) with possibly three round of reinforcements (round one: 10 reinforcements including 1 captain| round two: 20 reinforcements including a commander and 2 captains | round three: 30 reinforcements including 5 agents (elite) 3 captains and two commanders).


Feel free to post any modifications I should make to this suggestion!       



Stage 2 of pirate complex is mainly a defense + offense that fit your idea.

While the fact that having different specific roles in a mission is interesting, I think it would be to difficult to implement for 2 main reasons:

  • all ship roles are not always taken in pve
  • one ship role can be customize to fit different purposes, so you can’t base a pve behaviour based on it.