Scav Laser [Weapon]

Name: Scav Laser

Type: Unlimited use secondary (missile-slot) weapon for any ship

Tooltip: Hold down secondary fire trigger to fire a short-range mining scalpel that can shear off entire modules from enemy ships.

Damage: 2750 thermal per second

Range: 850m

Energy: 75pts/s

Function: Deals lots of damage and has the ability to temporarily disable single modules on enemy ships if they are hit. In OS, holding the beam on an asteroid will eject an item for pickup every few seconds. Holding the beam on alien structures will release iridium. Killing ships in OS with it has a greater chance of getting ship parts. Killing alien ships gives a 100% drop of single Monocrystals or Xenocrystals.

Functions more like an actual weapon than a side ammo clip. Uses energy instead of ammo and does not require to be repurchased. Instead you craft an item once and have it forever.