Saving Hangarlayouts



a little suggestion from my side:


Me and my friends realy enjoy this game. But our newbies fly T1 where a few of us fly T3.


It would be nice to save a kind of layout of my hangar. Lets say i like to play T1 with our Newbs (with Axe, Swift and Raptor with a special equipment), play T3 alone and have another layout for Invasion (mainly ships with LR Scanner).


Different HangarLayouts would make it easy to switch very fast between my setups…



I like this idea of course, it was suggested to have some sort of deck management more than [two](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21757-multiple-ship-setups-switching-ships-made-easier/) [times](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20428-decks) already, anyway.


However, keep note, that managing those layouts may also need some deeper brainstorming, because it’s actually hard to solve it in a simple and idiot-safe way (keep them up to date, track if everything is equipped, naming them, etc. are then tasks asked from the user), while it also should be non-intrusive and optional.

Switching ships between battles is quite common also later, especially if you play in teams and already have more “beloved ships” than now.

We’ve been asking about this for a while. I’m fairly certain it is something they are focusing on just before releasing. Since it is something they won’t lose players over…