Save and load ship configuration



Not my idea, but I’ll try to show.


So, we need a small service:

Save and load ship configuration.


When I right click on my ship in the slots, the menu will expand the following points:

  1. Save. Save the current configuration of the ship (ship parts and ship information panel).

  2. Show the contents of a saved configuration. (ship parts and ship information panel)

  3. Offer to load the saved configuration. (Replace the current configuration with the saved configuration. Of course, only if the parts are available in the store.)

  4. Delete a saved configuration.

Cool idea for sharing builds with friends, actually.

Might be too complicated for a quick addition, though.



It sounds like a big UI change, but since I am a lazy person, why not!


It is a nice and helpfull system, but it is a lot of work so it won’t happen in the near future.

OK. Just think about it.  :fed001: