salvaging components for each module in existence should be shown before buying a module

You have to buy or upgrade the module, then click on the salvaging option to see what you can get. Useful info, but kind of impractical way of getting it.

Problem is, that this option is not exactly user-friendly.

It can only help you, if you wish to salvage certain resource, when already have some of the modules in the warehouse, but it might not be what you need.


I am suggesting the following:

Option 1:

Summon the “interface guy”, make sure that he can find a solution, expanded interface might be enough, to show all these information for each module and each upgrade, Mark 2-5.

Option 2:

You can also add salvage information icon near the buy button and it works like it’s working for the upgrades.

Rank 15 Reactor Overload example

Mk. 1: none

Mk. 2: 3 metal blanks, 2 computing chips

Mk. 3:  -II-

Mk.4: -II-