Salvage unused ship components/parts for materials

We can manufactor ship parts, but cannot salvage them again.


finding resources for manufacturing is already hard.


Please make unused ship parts/components salvageable


Lots of people have unused screened batteries and computing ships, …, but lack other resources.


This will make it a bit easier to obtain hard to find materials (and monos)





*for 100% of the resources*

If you salvage for only 2/3 the resources it’s not worth t and you may as well just save it.

Yes please.

(also, if they will do this i suspect they will make it 75% of the materials regained as usual)

75% of materials? Have you guys even thought about WHAT you salvage?

I don’t think that x.y items exist… because 75% of 2 graphit are 1.5. How will you handle this?