SABER Cannon [Weapon]

Name: SABER Cannon (Stabilized, Abrasive Beam Emitted of Radiation)

Type: Heavy Main Weapon (Destroyer?)

Damage: 7500EM

RoF: 10 shots/minute

Range: 8000m

Projectile Speed: Instant (beam)

AoE: 25m

Tooltip: A devastating long-range weapon meant for heavy, concentrated damage. Upon use it will charge for one second, then fire a large beam of energy that deals damage to everything in its path. While charging, a beam is displayed showing it’s path.

I like the idea of a slow-firing, long-range weapon that deals lots of damage. The DPS would be low and it would be avoidable by moving away from the beam, but if it hit it would deal massive damage in a large beam of AoE.


We should have such a weapon in this game other than poistiron cannon or whatever its name is. Long range, heavy damage, LOOOONG reload.

I imagine it would be better on destroyers.

It seems that a similar weapon has already been added to the upcoming update. (With destroyers)

It appears to charge a red beam, then stops, then the beam gets huge. No visible effects aside from this and it also does not pierce. It is probably thermal damage.

like the idea :stuck_out_tongue: (numbers can be tweaked of course)

It’s implemented already. Dreadnoughts have it. Well… kind of.

The dreadnought one is irrelevant due to the fact that it is part of dreadnoughts.

This is a player-used weapon that deals immensely less damage than that. The main calibres are irrelevant here.

Why don’t we give destroyers weapons like this, then we can end beacon fights forever!