RT revamp

I just rarely find myself using it to *flee* battle and more for sneak-attacks on beacons or other ships. I think it’d be neat if it TP’d you to your mouse cursor instead, so I would be able to fine-tune my jumps. But this is just my opinion.

I do the same. It’s fine as it is.

The EM Cloak needs bot mechanics fixed. For example, bots wouldn’t recognize a cloaked LRF until the LRF started to shoot. The EM cloak should have the length increased but that is just my open onion.

And btw… “Revamp” is a developer deterrent. It just sounds like a person who wants his power buffed. Same goes for the word “tweak”.

We just need the original LRF’s back how they were BEFORE the huge RT nerf. Like the better damage and range and stuff. Or just make the Guided torp a fire and forget because the module is useless. :stuck_out_tongue:

+1, Long time no played sniper because I feel myself useless when I play it. I want to be useful with it again!