RPG Launcher [Module]

Name: RPG Launcher

Type: Multipurpose Active Module (Ancient Unguided Rocket)

Damage: 1,500 Thermal

Maximum range: 3,000m

Flight speed: 2,000m/s

Recharge: 2 seconds

Tooltip: Fires one unguided thermal rocket at the cross-hairs. The ancient technology cannot be disabled by any means outside of complete ship destruction.


Special: Module works even without energy or while under the effects of an enemy stun. Can be fitted on to any non-destroyer ship. Found rarely in loot after battles.

Wouldnt it be cooler to be a bigger version of the torpedo we have, maybe a bit faster? Being immune to missile shield or similar would be broken but lately thats the motto ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

And probably good against destroyers and frigates. It could be a weapon for mass destruction of the ellydium frigates. Old weapons to destroy new ships.

this seems a lot more like a missile slot item, although the concept leaves a lot to be desired,

how about it requires a blueprint which is found the same way that the Vulcan is, but it can be assembled with credits once you get the blueprint