Roundel of the Romanian Air Force.

Hello, I just started playing this fantastic game few days ago and I was wondering if you can add in the following patch in the ship Costumization the Roundel of the Romanian Air Force…

I know this would probably make people say “get out of here” but I thought this is a nice suggestion and a simple request. For the aspect of the game it would be nice if you could add more military signs in the customization section since you already added few. Here’s a photo of my suggestion. I hope I didnt crossed any red lines in terms of Rules…


I think you can submit that if you have a corp, to make it as a corp logo, according to some rules about picture format/size. Other than that, people would probably ask for A LOT of logos, if everyone was allowed to. 

I’d also be probably willing to join in :slight_smile:

Yeah, dunno I just felt a bit unhappy to see they had reasons to use hungarian airforce logo or mexican but they dont find reasons to add other military logos… Yeah I guess you right Syrinx. :slight_smile: Peace!