Rogue Squadron hereby REINSTATED

Greeting’s citizens of the Galaxy you know as “Milky Way,”


My name is DoomGiver, the current leader of the legendary Rogue Squadron. For those of you who have not heard of us, a brief history…




A long time ago…

In a galaxy far, far away…


Rogue Squadron was orginally formed under the name Red Squadron during the battle of the first Death Star above the Rebel base at Yavin. The orginal founders included the legends Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles. After the first Death Star was defeated, the Red’s were re-formed into Rogue Squadron, and became one of the most elite starfighter squadrons of the era. Playing key roles in the destruction of the Galactic Empire, we then went on to be a major factor in the so-called “cleanup” wartime efforts agaisnt the Imperial Remnant and the many warlords. Not only did we single-handedly organize the destruction of the Super-Star Destroyer Lusankya, we also freed the planet Thyferra from Imperial control. Years after that we were re-formed again when the Yuuzhan Vong invasion took place, and fought brilliantly agaisnt an unknown and ambigous extra-galatic invader.


For those who wish to know even more, a link to our complete history can be found


Today, I have become the leader of this legendary squadron after years of it’s dormancy, and wish to invite any and all to try and come join us.



Ok so now that I’ve had fun with a fancy backstory and have satified the inner Star Wars nerd in me, a more realistic backstory.


We’re a group of friends who started playing Star Conflict pretty early on in the beta, and played fairly often during that time. After a bit we kind of went on a hiatus and stopped playing, and have recently come back to discover we still aren’t absoltuly terrible at the game! In fact just the four-five of us who play have managed to get the corperation up to the high 60’s in the clan board on a fairly often basis. We wan’t to expand a little bit, and bring new people in to play with us so we can have more fun with the game. Also I’d have to admit I’m also just a little competitive sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Requirements to join:

Must have TS and be willing to join our server. Voice commuincation is a must. If you don’t have a mic, we can try to work around it, as we already have one memeber who doesn’t have a mic, though he is pretty good at communicating though his fairly extensive soundboard, so the lack of a mic could become a pretty significant issue later on.


Must have a average ship destruction per game ratio of 1.2 or higher. This isn’t a set-in-stone limit, we can talk about it if you’ve been playing awhile and can show some decent experience with the game with other stats such as total kills/assits and battles.


IMPORTANT NOTE (incase you’re skimming the post…): You MUST be able to play during the day-time hours of the Central America (Chicago) timezone. Or something similar to there. Think North America timezones. We’ve tried having people from vastly different time zones before and what happens is we end up never playing with them. So my apologies but I will have to restrict it to our timezones.


And lastly, you must be over the age of 17. This isn’t a set-in-stone limit either. We have a a member of 15 years of age and is great fun to play with, but he also admits the exception to the “rule.”


Like I said earlier, not having a mic isn’t a immediate fail, but could lead to issues if we find out it’s too much of a hassle. Though our friend Shade does pretty good with voice communication without a mic, we’re not sure how others will manage.



Something important to note. Currently we are playing only in T2. This isn’t due to lack of ships, many of us have T3 ships, and one of us even is T4, but because I very much want to unlock a couple of different ships I’m kinda forcing my friends to play T2 with me. If this is a UNTHINKABLE disaster for you, I’m sure the others would love to go play T3 or maybe even T4 with you, but I will be remaining in T2 until I get the ships I’m trying to unlock. Shame on me for not buying every ship there was during the early beta when it was easier…


If you want to request entry to the legendary Rogue Squadron, you may leave a forum post here, or PM DoomGiver32, KingNegro, or JarvanTheFourth. Alternativly you can add me on Steam if you have a Steam acc. Search for DoomGiver32 (display name will be CrackerLightning)

Fun to see so many new corps in SC. Welcome and good luck with your corp!

Always wanted to know how corps check this age requirement?

Always wanted to know how corps check this age requirement?


We can’t “check” it per se. It’s mostly honor system. Although if you join our teamspeak (yes we use one) and sound like you’re in the middle of puberty, it’s pretty easy to tell. ( I do not mean this offensive, but let’s be honest, that is the #1 reason there are age limits on any clan/corp/guild). Also it helps to fine-tune the maturity level for the entire corp. You’re less likely to get someone cracking sex jokes if they’re older then if they’re 12. Although there are always exceptions to that rule, both good and bad. Novica, one of our members, is a good exception. I won’t name the poor exceptions I’ve met.

Always wanted to know how corps check this age requirement?


Usually you can tell if someone is quite young when they start talking on Teamspeak :slight_smile:


There are of course some exceptions. It’s extremely rare for people to not be truthful about their age, though.

I said I was 29 on the poll instead of really being 28.  I lied.

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Well i lied i was 18.