rock, paper, scisor and balance

a problem i am noticing is that all are using similar weapons and modules as the yare stronger or at least perceived as such.

before going on with the rock, paper, scisor suggestion i whant to give a brief coment as to why SC needs to remove or at least nerf weapons mods that change damage type, they simple destroy the whole concept of ressistances, there is no real point in stacking ressistances against certain element if they can simple switch it to another by pressing a button. that is why they need to be removed or at least carry a severe reduction in dmg like 30% or more.

now to the rock, paper, scisor thingy, for those who dont know what this means, it means that all weapons will be imba against something while weak against something else, basicaly game is balance through imbalance.

my proposal is to make weapons type give specific atributes for instance (note is a mere example of balance through imbalance)


reduce damage by 40%


dmg x 2.5 but half their speed and give them all slow barrel


increase dmg by 30% and rate of fire by 50% but reduce range by 50%

what can we get out of this?

laser will remain strong vs fast ships but will become quite bad vs high ressitance ships

emp will be strong vs slow but heavyly armored ships but wont be able to keep up with fast ones

kinetic will be a short range dps monster

similar concept could be aplyed to modules for instance that pulse module that deals 4k over some secs to ships inside 2k dist, it would be much more appealing if it did 12k over the same distance and time but distributed, that way it will have a strong nich as a 1 vs 1 xxxx saviour but will quickly loose effectivness if 2 or more enemy ships are around.

i think in general the following should apply


Plasma Excel at close range combat, with fast rate of fire, and but suffer from long-range capabilities. These ships are typically desired for fast close range, and heavy tank ships.


lasers should be balanced all around, but offer the highest Dps rates.  the only draw back to lasers is it should over heat the fastest.

side note: i feel that there should be two types of beams, Meson beams (Like romulan or klingon fire) and straight beams


railguns weapons should excel at long range combat, Offering very fast rate of projectile travel, at highest amounts of impact damage. This however, is auto-correctly because if the object is moving, and the projectiles move at a rate of 5, and the enemy at a rate of 7, they will always fail to hit. the draw back to rails should be low rate of fire.



So it should look something like



2-3.2km range

reload 1-2 second

overheat 24 seconds

400-500 damage (on impact)



2.8-4.2km range

reload - 0s

overheat - 8 seconds constant fire

damage per tick - 200-300

max crit dmg 400-500


rain gun


reload - 3-5sec

overheat - 16 seconds

damage per shot - 600-800


critical strikes should be 125% of damage.


so if you do 100 damage, you critical strikes at at best 225dmg

if you do 1000, its 2250. and so on.