Reworking of the Jericho rank 8 implant

This is something I have been thinking about for a long time, but watching the new module in the Halloween special made me post this.


One of the main problems of the shield based tanks in this game, aside from the bigger cross section of the shield sphere, is the ability of a single class (namely, recons) to just shypon dry shields bypassing resistences of any shield tanked ship.


This mean that jericho commands and tacklers are mostly underestimaded or just switched in favour of their empire and Fed counterparts, and also that most if not all people playing jericho interceptors just tank them with hull, which is ridiculous so far.


Now they are introducing a new module that can strip down a guard shield in 7 seconds, while hull tanked ships still remain as powerful as they are.


For that I suggest the following:


Make the Rank 8 Jericho implant to also prevent shield syphoning along with energy draining.


That way jericho ships would have an oportunity to be fully competitive again.


PS: As many people here know, I’m mainly a recon player, and I think it is currently bad for the game balance that I can just strip any jericho ship from its shields with just one module.

uhhh, thats some nice suggestion i would definately consider to apply on some of my ship builds!! (J8 implant would be usefull for the first time XD). However, 15 secs of complete shield drain and energy drain inmunity seems a little OP to me; i would modify a little some values to make it balanced (like reducing amount of active time for some seconds or grant a 60-80% resistance to syphoning).

would be a bit powerful if it gives full immunity imho, tbh.


however i think something along this line would be nice, true, even if it just mitigates the effect for such a long time, so i would say resistance, not immunity.


most of the “jerri is uncompetitive” stuff is pretty valid if the enemy comes fully armed to the teeth with fast coordinated damage output or mass bubble, which is deadly to shield tanking, as usually shields are better for zone control and positioning matches with only short exposure and in usual pub games, jerri ships are usually doing pretty fine, especially their uberguards


problem is mainly, that very many jerri roles actually are less versatile in multipurpose modules. they got guards, commands, tacklers, ecms, all roles which usually do rely heavily on their role modules; while the co would probably not use it; lrfs on the other hand, do have camo and ir pulsar, mines and jumpdrive already, and actually, should be vulnerable to recons in the first place, and their JLRF gets uncompetitive fast on its own sheer by being made of paper or being piloted by someone who loves protecting spawnpoints, you do not need a recon for that.


So while good idea, indeed, i am not sure, if it would magicly fix the jerri, nor do all jerris need fixing, its usually, just, well, more jerri ships are crap than in any other faction, while in empire you basicly have nice ships next to nice ships, despite the shield/hull differences in tanking.

Well, I agree that full inmunity for 15 secs is too much, but maybe some resistence or other thing. 


I’m not saying that it will magically fix jerry ships, but for sure that it will help.

all my ships carry at least one multipurpose mod, so my jericho ships are (will be) safe :stuck_out_tongue:

Does proton wall affect the parasitic remodulator?


This suggestion seems nice but seems unbalanced to be able to ignore shield drain completely. Perhaps instead of full immunity to shield drain maybe an 80% drain resistance with a slight cooldown (30 seconds for agruments sake) alongside the energy drain immunity

Considering that there are only two shield damage modules that completely ignore everything except line of sight / effect radius, I’d say 15 second immunity to shield drain is perfectly reasonable. I mean, there’s only three energy burn effects in the game, and no one complains that there’s 15 second complete immunity to those, even though those effects can be completely devastating to many ships.


Jericho interceptors would still have a larger hitbox on their main source of tank. Unless they’re running hull tank using adaptives, in which case they’re even more vulnerable to slowing than they would be otherwise, running J8 instead of F8.


Jericho fighters would still be just as squishy as before, only recons wouldn’t be able to drain shields through a diffusion tank.


Jericho frigates would finally have a defense against parasitic remodulator, rather than hope to God the recon accidentally goes behind a rock or beacon and breaks his/her own line of sight.


I really fail to see a balance problem with a 15 second shield drain immunity.

Seems reasonable to suggest, especially since the implant is almost completely unusable since either two other options are far better decisions pretty much all the time.


The numbers themselves should obviously be tested, but this suggestion is obviously more about the thought than the raw data.