Rework Long range

I do not know if the devs will think this, but:


Rework the LR …

Let me explain, the idea of ​​having a sniper is very good! But not consistent with what you’ve done lately (We will not speak of buff interceptors huh).

Give us a few things that really justifies the low resistance of these vessels and not only 6 guns.




To stay in the optical already established between Empire and Federation:


We keep the principle: Laser Missile Empire and Jericho but is improving.




We can, for example, and in view of the location of one of the devs, starting on the basis of a Canon Supernova (As Furious Abyss: D), laser artillery bow (Eastern Terminus) or a Saint Elme’s fire gun (see Cosmowarrior Zero).

Because pewpewpew Disintegrator, A lot of thing are better to pressure or have the class.


1: It can be seen when a sniper is shooting at us … SUPER for a sniper! discretion guaranteed!


2: In addition to being in the paper, pull it up with a sign written on COME KILL ME! I SHOOT ON YOUR ENGINEERS!


3: They are super hard to master for new players.


Transform the real NAVAL ARTILLERY!

Put her portside and starboard guns and made it shoot laser bursts.

At least, Snipers modules correspond perfectly to the empire.

Anyway you probably know what I mean (I hope)


For Jericho


It’s really hard to pass in the LR jericho missile carrier?

You have shown us through the PvE missions of sabotage dreadnought that you have lots of ideas for missiles and rockets.

We take the current torpedo, one thrown in the trash because the AMS, FLARES, and other BEEP BEEP BEEP allow players to see arrive at 50km. (not to mention the disgusting maneuverability and speed …)


We put a rocket launcher in place of the torpedo, with proper scope, relevant and sufficient damage radius.


You combine all with active modules to change the type of shoots special module.


A module to make a superb rocket nova! The big ball of fire! (with a smaller radius and a shorter and less damage)

And when I say moin damage, it really is a lot less! a kind of dissuasion module.


A small module that can launch a small rocket salvo increasing dispersal rockets, reducing their range and damage.


ect ect …


And I SAID ROCKET ! no missile, no torp ! Same principle as Empire : Good aim needed !


Finally, There is even no need to increase the stats of LR with such ideas, they remain frigates built for damage and not tanking or healing.


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I agree with you, I would like something to buff my Ira Deus (T3 Jericho LR) I’ts very squishy for a frigate, can’t do anything when they saw me, my missile it’s fucked because of frigates anti missile module.

The only thing I can do is buy the Long Range Laser and put the incrementing weapon range ammo and 2 horizon modules so I can shoot with my lasers at 10k range, dealing a fair amount of damage, but, look, I’m losing 2 passive modules to increase my weapon range so I’m not done every time I respawn. I’m not tanky like a Guard and I can’t heal like a Egi, the only thing I can do is go forever alone somewhere I can shot without being targeted. I kinda like doing that, but my F module is still useless, every game more than 1 enemy frig has the anti missile module. Sure I’m kinda Ace to this game but I still see how weak are Jericho Long Range compared to the rest of Frigates. At least with the Empire LR you have a short cooldown and there are no modules to stop it.

i think they need a buff of survivial (10%), and some special module:


For empire a pierce beam. Module that allows you to shoot through objects (2 shot, long cool down, active module).

 or a repeater shot. You can shot in charge with less danage. Have a lock of 1 sec an 20% of danage and wen you are at 2,5 sec is 70%(active module duration 12 sec reload long)


For Jerico a Dumb missile. missile swap in a unguided shot and invincible. (1 shot, long cool down, active module).

        or a anti ecm shot. Missile is guided slow and with less maneuverability but cant be stoped.(1 shot ,very long cool down, active   module)


Activation of this module cant stack with other active.

I would love to see something like a siege frig. Screw the whole sniper stuff.

At modul aktivation, the frig turns to the side. Gets stationary and with limited fire arc. (120 degree?!) but can unleash a big volley of flak fire agains intys or heavy hitting shells agains other frigs…*drools*

I agree the long-range frigates are unbalanced wrt Empire vs Jericho; it’s very difficult to be effective with the torpedos with the slow travel time and all the missile shields around (I started a separate thread on suggestions to make them a bit more effective). 


Whilst I don’t think removing the guided torpedo is such a great idea (mainly coz whilst mostly useless right now its still a lot of fun) I do like the idea of ‘space artillery’ - perhaps the covert ops target painter could act like its described in its name, and mark out targets.


The artillery shells themselves could act like the rounds - they shoot up over and around obstacles, then drop down in a kind of ballistic arc onto the hapless commander that was foolish enough to let the covops interceptor get in close enough to tag him :slight_smile:


Rocket salvos would also be fun, bring back the  !  :) 

I think the role would be better suited to recon interceptors rather than covert ops.

I would love to see something like a siege frig. Screw the whole sniper stuff.

At modul aktivation, the frig turns to the side. Gets stationary and with limited fire arc. (120 degree?!) but can unleash a big volley of flak fire agains intys or heavy hitting shells agains other frigs…*drools*


While im not sure this is the right way to do it, i would love to see the long range class being remade into some kind of artillery (big AoE thats hard to aim), a supression boat (shoots tons of bullets) or anything thats not a sniper.


While i kinda like the jerichos guided torpedo, its not something you can rely on (and therefore should be a active module, with changed numbers ofc), and instead have some kind of anchored mode.

This anchored mode could remove your rotation and ability to move, but grant you a range and projectile speed boost (and a small damage boost for laser instead of projectile speed).


On top of that i want active modules to support this new type of long range, one active module to increse you rate of fire for a few seconds for example, or a bullet barrage activate that after a short wind up (all enemys in the affected area should get some kind of warning) uncontrollably shots a huge amount of bullets in the general direction of your ship (this also gains the bonus from anchored mode and is supposed to be combined, but can be used without it).

This module would be good for surpressing a specific area.


This would be very visible and someone is bound to come and kill you, therefore we could remake the the EM scattering field into a sustainable field that prevents you from showing up on radar and makes you untragetable even while moving, but this field stops working if an enemy gets within 1500m of the ship.

If you get enough attention, even if you dont show up on the radar, they can go where the fire came from and see a big ship floating around unless you found a hiding place real quick.


Im sure you could come up with more modules.