Rework For Ship Skills

These changes i am suggesting is to make the game more tactical. This also fixes the support of the pure camping idea. With the engineering modules still to be created, we have to detract from this other wise we will end up with two sides sitting on their side because 1000 defenses, so here go.s


Empire - Mobility

Federation - Ambush

Jericho - Raw power



Empire Interceptor - Warp (as is). Warps you up to 10km


Empire Attack Ship -  Overdrive (reworked) Increases speed and mobility by 50% meters a second, for 15 seconds. 25 second cool down


Empire Frigate - Fleet Maneuvers  All allied ships in 3,000 meters have 15% more mobility and speed.  Enemies in the area are slowed by 35% for 15 seconds. 45 second cool down. Costs 195 to activate.


Federation Interceptor - Improved Cloaking Device - Speed increased by 25% when cloaked. Consumes 34 energy a second. If the player depletes energy, the cloak disengages. 35 second cool down


Federation Attack Ship - Combat Cloaking Device - Can fire up to 3 shots while cloaked. The cloak will disengage 5 seconds after the first shot is fired. Consumes 26 energy per a second.  If the player depletes energy, the cloak disengages. 35 second cool down


Federation Frigate - Fleet Cloaking Device - Cloaks all allies with in 3,000 meters. consumes 36 energy per a second.  If the player depletes energy, the cloak disengages. 55 second cool down



Jericho Interceptor - Toggled. The shields of the interceptor become a weapon, charging energy into the target from the interceptors shields, draining shielding  by 250 shields a second + 1% of max shields, dealing damage equal to the drain + 25% of the total damage dealt when turning off the ability.




Drains the shields of enemies in 4500 meters by 150 a second for 15 seconds or up to a total of 150% of the max shields of the interceptor. 30 second cooldown, costs 55 energy to activate.


Jericho  Attack Ship -

Shield Modulation. Increases all resistance by 45 (Passive) Activating this ability will increase all resistance by 200 for 15 seconds. 35 second cool down 76 energy to activate





Shield Regeneration. Activating this ability will increase all shield regeneration by 75% for 5 seconds. 15 second cool down. 35 second cool down. 76 energy to activate



Jericho Frigate

Extends the shields of the frigate up to 3000 meters away, allies with in the field are protected. Shield strength of the frigate is increased by 50%. During this time the shield becomes weakened, taking 10% more damage. 55 second cool down. costs 220 energy to activate.

If I remember the description correctly Empire is the faction with the raw power not mobility. I suggest more Skills to increase the overall DPS of a single ship or/and of any close allied ships for a few seconds. 35% Speed by empire Frigates is too heavy. 10-15% loss of max. speed is enough to easily slow down a rush or catch up with an enemy ship.


I like your idea to improve the cloaking mechanism but I suggest overall higher cooldowns for every Skill you mentioned and limit the Frigate Cloaking Skill to 3-5 nearby ships.


Your suggestion about Jericho Interceptor Skills are too strong. Second Skill is a great idea but I would lower the max range to 3700~ and again increase the cooldown.

Jericho Attack Ship, passive is OP if combined with Coating or similar buffs. Active Skill as well. 

I perfer the regeneration attackship buff myself. it can use some rework, but basically its ment to be used as a sort of spot heal. both skills are fine, may need some fine tuning, but they are ment to make the ship a heavy tank.


as for the ceptor buff, a range nerf is not needed, as it would likely have a internal mechanic of a max of 150% of the interceptors life pool (something like 5k heal per use).  the cool downs are fine. no need to limit the cap on how many can be cloaked, because the frigate has a max range to extend the shield or cloak set at 3.5k, which means, they wont be able to move very far. if a frigate moves at 150m/s the math was put at 20 seconds of operation making the cloaked fleet moves about 3000 meters from the cloaking point. its not a lot but its enuff to play some sneaky games, or cross an other wise dangerous area.


the 35% slow is only if they are in 3500 meters of the frigate. this kinda forces frigates into a situation that makes them uncomfie. this allows an attackship to have an easier time getting them dead, which encourages supporting the frigate as an escort.

I love the way you change all frigates.


I consider, like you, that frigates should stand nearer the fight instead of camping far behind.

Federation Frigate - Fleet Cloaking Device - Cloaks all allies with in 3,000 meters. consumes 36 energy per a second.  If the player depletes energy, the cloak disengages. 55 second cool down


This could easily lead to (almost?) unlimited cloaking. You really want that? Oo

na, its only 3k movement per a minute. maybe it can be  less energy, longer cool down, so you can stay cloaked longer.

I actually wanted to say this is way too much already!

They can be like invisible forever, that can´t be a decent way to battle. And 55 seconds CD, i mean… there isn´t even a reason for a CD since you can do it permanently!


Just take the T2 Frig, Aligator.

It has regen of 33 at level 1 and 41 at level 4.

Even the Raptor has 33-37 regen.


I don´t know where you get your numbers but they seem totally random and not thought of at all…

Uhmari, this is not to badmouth you or anything, but I’m avoiding your threads a little. That is because most of the changes you suggest are always so radical (which then kind of puts me off). Same here, the cloaking etc. sounds nice, but I like our current skills (DRONES!) and like AmmokK said can easily be OP. Altho I doubt I would have said this if he hadn’t replied here, since I seriously don’t know how to reply to your threads :S (although that can easily be my fault).

Floipd, Basically, i want to change offensive skills out of game, for group-related buffs (frigates) Attack ships skills are generally good, but need a little tweaking (some are to weak, and some are to strong), and interceptors need some tweaking also (Empire are good, but federations interceptor ability is to weak, and jericho’s to strong).

didn’t read all of your comments i just want to suggest another module for the empire / jericho frigate: the shield is overloaded resulting in a shockwave which pushes enemy ships depending on size ~3km away (they take collision damge if they hit something)

the energy of cloaking is based on the capacitor of the ship


715 energy / 36 = 19.8 seconds the cloak will be active at synergy level 1

1075 energy / 36 = 29.8 seconds the cloak will be active at synergy level 8


This is where my math will be.

Regeneration for energy will not be active during this cloaking effect , or it should be reduced to 25%. (but should be for others)