Reverse Thruster Audio and Visual Suggestion

Currently having the warp sound effect and the warping a couple seconds later is confusing.

Could we have a charging up audio and visual then have the warp effects when we actually warp?

Just another balance suggestion without a major or even minor nerf.

Definately agree

It’s fine as it is you can hear 2.5 sec before someone uses RT.

Reread the second paragraph again.

I suggested we have another audio and video recording playing for the warmup and the current recording when we actually warp away.

The devs did a half assed job on that “fix” for RT.



Let’s just take the recon warp sound and play it when the user presses the button


But then they wait for two more seconds after the warp sound.  That’s wrong!


We’ll fix it next month, don’t worry.  We’re at 1.0 now so it’s ok.