Revamp suicide kills

It happens more and more frequently,

that players run blockade and suicide with nukes just to rack up kills.

Please find a fix for this behaviour, maybe by applying a penalty for kills with nukes while suiciding.

just making sure … youre talking about the rushing towards a team of ships and firing a nuke so close that it kills the user aswell


tbh its as legitimate as anything… if people stack on each other theyr bound to get nuked, thats why its there.

if it didnt exist then frigates stacking on each other would be invinicble(almost are to be honest)

also it could be someone trying to shoot off a nuke and getting an anti missile up his face? in any case its still legitimate…

Getting killed by anti-missile while firing a nuke is okay,

but rushing in spawn point just waiting for people to kick out of spawning-invulnerability, is crap.

So i was talking about the latter.

Suicides in general are negative to the team effort.

It just isnt punished, so people try to go in alone suicide kill some people respawn, rinse n repeat.

Thats death for good old squad play.

Therefore i opened this post.

iv been searching around in the russian forums using chrome translator

apperantly theyr complaining about nukes aswell, personaly i havnt got to the real nukes yet nor exprienced them.

if its that effective (blast radius is about 5k right?) even after people spawn, i assume it does need fixing.

i wish i was a hardcore player so i could test everything but il leave this 1 to you guys lol(almost at t2-2…)