Restrict unique modules to factions

As the title suggests, this is a simple suggestion to restrict the new unique modules to their original faction. This would limit the combination possebilities for said modules on premium ships and would so restrict some builds that go just to far, while individually most of these items are no problem regarding balance.


Like the new “regeneration tackler” or, (what is currently flooding the battlegrounds and is the doom of any inteceptor out there) Thermal energy burner projectile speed builds. (I think i won’t have to explain this)


This change would prevent not intended, over powered combos of individual pieces, that fit well in the game balance, therefore would make changing of the individual new items obsolete.





Oh, and by the way? Can secret project and other crafted ships of the standard classes also get a little love concerning the new items? I feel like my jaguar is being a little left out.

i feel like faction limitations should be a no, as for the special project ship i agree

i think also no to faction specific and also agree with special project … but not to worry the thermal Loki combo will soon be nerfed I’m sure  . I don’t do PVP myself so its never a problem but  the PVP daily’s I do with the NY18 and kill those pesky Loki’s… the secret to the Loki is implant 7c … In a guard  the Loki does almost nothing  … as if it weren’t even there.

Yeah no. Restrictions bad.

I’m all for SP ships getting the mods tho.

Well but you have to agree that premium ships are way to strong in the current meta.


I mean ever seen a team of 5 Rockwell 1 Loki and 1 Ecm… well there you have it

not strong enough to warrant a fix i’m afraid, we’ve all seen what happened to destroyers when the devs heard the phrase “kill your darlings”

Worth a shot… i am just trying to keep pvp from evolving further into a static battle of strafe builds in a 4-6km disdance.

And at the same time telling devs how i feel about the new modules, like they us asked to.

the problem with nerfs is that the Dev’s nerf what doesn’t sell or  what blocks the sale of new things  … if you wait the new modules your complaining about wont be new any more and will get the NERF hard and then there will be other new  things to complain about… USE THE OBJECT NY18 , a team of those ships cant be  stopped