residente's (standard) Ships Build

Since everyone is doing it I’ll join the trend. But I actually want to give new players reading the Guide Section some standard builds. Easy to follow, straightforward and “good” overall. 


I’m doing screenshots of all my max sinergized ships to answer anyone’s questions.


So far I’ve done screenshots of all my Jericho ships, so feel free to ask about any of them. I’ll give a detailed explanation on why I use what I use in (almost) every single slot of the ship you’re asking for I’ll also give alternatives in terms of Weapons and Weapon Ammunitions and other modules and implants. My intention is to help new players searching how to build their ships, since some other threads my confuse them. 


edit: You’re not supposed to watch the builds in this picture. Choose one and I’ll post it with a small “guide” on the why. I’ll do the same soon with Fed and Empire.


Any Jericho ship not appearing here is because I don’t have it max sinergized. If you want a T2 build feel free to request it too.


Edit2: Those are the Federation ships I have available for showing, request any of them



Obviously you can request any Empire and Fed ship (I’ll do all of them like I did with Jericho soon™). I’ll build it, screencap it and post it here as fast as I can. Builds are and will be up to date on version.


Also I’m open to any kind of criticism.

Can you post a link to a high resolution image?

You just joined the bandwagon. Why?

Because variety is important and nothing wrong with more build threads.

Guys, we should have one thread with everybody’s build inside.

img to small resi, or this website cant handle the original size

Can you post a link to a high resolution image?

img to small resi, or this website cant handle the original size


The img is not too small. It’s just there for people willing me to show them a build choose one ship, post it here, and get a full image with a long explanation. I posted that img so people could see which Jericho builds I can provide builds and which not.

I thought that posting every build 1 by 1 would be too much and that it would be easier if someone requests it and I post it later with the why on the modules and implants.


You just joined the bandwagon. Why?


Because it would be nice for new people lurking the forums to have a thread with standard builds instead of very specific type of builds (for example Wolfkhan).

Point taken.





Huehuehue :smiley:

Lance (Tackler) and Katana S (Command) please.  :fed001:

Lance (Tackler) and Katana S (Command) please.  :fed001:

I think you are sapose to show your current build first.


I am a big fan of this post. Gonna login during lunch to get some screen shots to compare.

Lance (Tackler) and Katana S (Command) please.  :fed001:


As you can see in the spoiler I made in the OP I don’t have a Lance nor a Lance S with max synergy, so I can’t provide a proper build for them. 

I’ll anyway give you the build but it wont have full numbers:


k7ZFVkr.jpgNot much to say, you want your tackler to be Energy Stable so Voltage Regulator is a must have in your Capacitor, you can fit whatever in the second one, EB if you want that extra lifeguard. For Shield I put 1 of each resistance simply to keep them high, but you can change one of them for raw shield if you want. Hull slot is at your choice, no matter what you put once you’re on your hull you’re pretty much dead, so I put Kinetic resist to have balanced resistances, but Thermal, raw hull or regeneration could go too.

The CPU depends on your weapon. For Gauss I prefer some extra crit chance, for Ions, Slow-slow beams and Railguns I’d go with an Horizon Module.

Missiles up to your taste. Since I use a Kinetic weapon I go with EM missiles because they’ll make my way to the hull easier, where the Gauss shine. 

Active modules are also pretty standard, Target Painter + 2 Slows + 1 Multipurpose module. I’d keep the Target Painter and 1 slow module always. If you like the Sentry drone you can go ahead and use it, or if you want 2 Multipurpose modules instead of 1.

(consider that I’m using the Hull booster instead of the Shield one in that pic since I only did it for your request.


For Katana S I can show you two different builds:


Classic Command specialized in diffusion tanking



This build is pretty simple and effective, specially since last patch’s buff.

First of all Vernier Engine should be your Engine module because you want a proper rotation for fighting/escaping from interceptors. I’m using the Fed R5 implant that gives me strafe speed, but if you use the Empire one giving rotation, you can put another module on the Engine slot. I recommend strafe because it makes a lot easier your positioning, and it helps evading slow (or not that slow) shots from your enemies. 

Now on the Capacitor. You can do whatever you want here as long as it’s to help your Diffusion Shield tanking. Depending on your tastes you can put more energy regeneration or increase your energy pool. You can even put an Emergency Barrier to keep you alive from those WTF moments like EM Torpedoes or Jericho LRF Torpedoes.

The shield has little options since you only have 2 slots. I highly recommend using a Compact Shield Generator, because for the meaningless cost of 4.8% of your Shield volume, you will double your base Capacitor volume. In the second slot you should put a resistance module, based on your preferences. I put EM trying to fill all resistance holes, but if you’re more afraid of Thermal you can go ahead and put thermal resistances.

The CPU module depends on your weapon and playstyle. I choose Horizon Module to help Assault Railgun’s short range. If you’re using Gauss you might want to put something else like a Proton Wall if you’re afraid of ECMs.

Talking about weapons, it’s also matter of tastes. I like Assault Railguns because they have a very high critical chance, so even command ships can make a good amount of damage with them. Honestly any weapon could work on the Katana S, although I’d skip the Singularity Cannon.

In the Missiles slot you can put whatever you like, if you’re being a supportive Command, Ion-Beam Warhead missiles will be pretty useful, specially against Guard ships.

For the active modules you want to support your team as much as you can, but you also should have at least 1 Multipurpose module to stay alive, because after all you can’t support your team if you’re dead. I choose Shield Booster because it has less cooldown than other healing/resistance multipurpose modules. The low cooldown also helps if you’re using Fed or Jericho R8 implants, because you will be able to scape from slows/energy draining more times per minute.


Offensive Command, should be used only if you’re very confident with your ship and if you like aggressive playstyles.

ZizBbCX.jpgThe picture talks for itself: Shared Cooler will make your overheating time (for railguns) from 2.8 seconds to 4.7 and that will mean a high increase in DPS because you will be able to fire for more time. The bad part of this is that you will have a very mediocre rotation so you need to know how to fly to stay alive. If you prefer Vernier over Shared Cooler you can take it without a problem, but you will need to have better management of your overheating on the railgun.

Capacitor is very simple. Heatsinks to make your railguns a machine gun. It will be like being all the time in Weapon Overdrive. It’s fun and it feels good. Katana S has a very welcomed extra energy regeneration bonus so you will be energy stable, but forget about Diffusion Shield tanking unless you’re under an Engineer’s Energy Emitter aura because it wont last long. 

Shield again depends on your tastes. I go for Thermal+EM to keep relatively high shield resistances. 

In active modules you could skip the Aegis aura and pick another multipurpose module, since Aegis will drain some of your energy regen and you might want to go full offensive with a second multipurpose to keep you alive.



I think you are sapose to show your current build first.


I am a big fan of this post. Gonna login during lunch to get some screen shots to compare.


You can of course, the more the merrier, but it’s not needed.

Oooh. Grizzly-M and Tiger-M would be nice.

Oooh. Grizzly-M and Tiger-M would be nice.


I’ll post the wall of text with the why very soon, but I don’t want to leave you waiting so I’ll leave the pictures in the meantime.




Fed Gunships are awesome Bubble gunships. So I’ll put it as the main weapon. 

In Engine you need as much rotation as possible because you’re going to fight in close range.

In Capacitor you want a stable energy regeneration to keep your adaptives on all the time, and in the second slow you could actually go with whatever you want but I believe that having 2 capacitors on a fed gunship is a luxury so a EB is the best choice.

Shield is pretty obvious, since hull tanking is superior, you want those adaptive shields giving you ~80 resistances to hull. 

That’s why in hull I put raw hull. Almost 7k is pretty impressive, it feels like empire numbers, and adaptives will keep you resistances very high.

On CPU I put 2 Infrared Scanners just 'cause I’m recommending the Invasion ammo (it’s op) so out of Overdrive and Overcharge you still want good critical chance to spam your bubbles. If you can’t or don’t want to afford Invasion ammo pick any other one up to your tastes. If you dislike ECMs you can put 1 good Proton Wall and 1 Infrared and you’re good to go.

Active modules are standard. Overcharge for doing critical radis, Combat Reboot because nothing will touch you, Engine Overcharge for escaping and a Repair Kit because it’s the best healing module for a hull tanking ship. It will also help you to scape from Tacklers.




Grizzly-M had also a pretty obvious build. It’s the greater Fed Engineer, I wish T5 had something like the Girzzly-M.

Since it’s so fast by nature. I’m using a Power Unit Conduit to put the speed at the 400s. Energy wont be a problem because Fed Engineers are more stable than Empire ones in terms of energy. So you can even change the other Cap module for a EB. 

Engine is obvious, frigates are flying bricks so having a high rotation is very recommended. You could change one of those Verniers for acceleration if you want to turn those adaptives on after crashing into something for example.

Shield is obvious and Hull pretty much too. The kinetic resist is to cover the kinetic hole, but considering that RFB, Pulse Lasers and Ions are the most dangerous weapons against you, you might want to put a thermal resist module instead. Or even a Galvanized Armor if you don’t mind losing some rotation. The other hull module is raw hull, just like with the Tiger-M, you have already high resistances, so having more hull will give you more survivability than increasing the resistances. On top of that, if you use Gigas II instead of the speed implant (like I do), there’s more reasons to put raw hull over resistances.

CPU is up to you, but I think Proton Wall is the greatest because ECMs could screw your high speed build.

Weapon is also up to you. I think Heavy Blasters are very dangerous even on a non offensive ship like a Fed Engineer. Since you’re going to be afterburning all the time maybe Positron Cannons and Coil mortars aren’t that easy to use. If you’re an Eclipse Launcher fan, I highly recommend using Supercooling Charges (Invasion ammo).

edit: Missile slot: up to your taste. As Ory mentioned Drones can’t keep with your speed, but they’re pretty useful. I’d say EM Torpedo is the way to go because it will help to defend yourself from Interceptors. But there’s the chance of blowing up yourself so one must be careful.

Active Modules should be 3 auras + what you think you need. I put Shield Regen because it has a very short cooldown so you can disable Tackler slows more times every match. It also regens a great a mount of Shield. But you could always put 1 egg or a Nanocomposite Coating.

Drones can’t keep up with that Griz-M.


I want to see your holy builds of my favourite ships…

Give me your Eagle-B & Sai please.

And if you’re bored Wolf-M as well.

Drones can’t keep up with that Griz-M.


True that, I forgot to mention the slot missile on the Grizzly-M.


I want to see your holy builds of my favourite ships…

Give me your Eagle-B & Sai please.

And if you’re bored Wolf-M as well.



vIhhO5D.jpgThere is not much to say on how to build an Eagle-B. In Engine I recommend at least 2 Vernier Engines, 1 if you’re using Empire R5 Implant for rotation. Cov Ops need a lot of rotation because it will allow them to keep the Plasma Arc on moving targets, including other interceptors. Having high rotation also helps you with dogfights. The third slot is up to you. Collision Compensator if you have trouble with asteroids ripping your hull apart or acceleration if you want your adaptives to turn on faster. I don’t recommend putting raw speed because Eagle-B is fast enough by default. Cooling Engine could be a really interesting option for the Engines, specially if you’re using Pulse Lasers because they overheat very fast. Since Eagle-B has 3 Engine slots you can put 1 Cooling Engine and still keep a very good maneuverability.

The Shield is obvious. Adaptive Shields are the best option for any interceptor, because not only their poor shield will get a high resistance increase. 

CPU is up to you and depending on your weapon. I’d say 1 Proton Wall is always welcomed because of how annoying ECMs are, and some critical chance in the other slot. If you’re not afraid of ECMs you can go with something more aggressive and put 2 Infrared Scanners, or if you’re using a RFB or Shrapnel Cannon you can put a spread reduction mod instead.

Weapon and ammo depends on your taste, I’d put any but Plasma Gun. And missiles are also up to you, use them to cover a damage type hole.

Active modules are pretty standard. I always go with Orion + Plasma Arc + 2 Multipurpose, but you can change anything but the Orion for Adaptive Cammo or White Noise Jammer. I think having 2 Multipurpose modules is great because it will give you two ways to scape from Tacklers, apart from the obvious healing that a CO will always welcome.



02DTngy.jpgSai is basically at the same spot than Eagle-B. As you can see I put instead a Cooling Engine, so you can see the difference between Eagle-B’s overheating time and Sai’s. 

On Capacitor you should put a EB obviously because Fed Recons have worse hull and shield than Fed Cov Ops (something I can’t understand), but they are very energy stable. And Sai has a great bonus making it even more stable.

Shield as always and Hull is up to you, Regenerative Coating is pretty useful on that ship because you will always have your energy bar almost at the top so the healing will be constant. If you prefer any hull resistance is also good. 

On CPU put something depending on weapon and preferences. I went with Infrared instead of Proton Wall because Sai needs some extra crit chance in order to make good use of the crit damage bonus. 

On weapon and missiles is the same as always, put something fitting your style. Slowing missiles are very very useful but if you prefer piercing ones because they are better for killing go ahead.

On Active modules I’d always have Shield Drain + Cloak, then choose one of the 2 anti cloaking modules. I usually put the Drones on aggressive Recons, and Micro Locator on supportive ones. 1 Multipurpose is highly recommended because ships wont last long and Repair Kit will pretty much heal your whole hull in a second.



FeJ8QT9.jpgThis is also a very standard and obvious build.

2 Vernier Engines because you need a lot of rotation for bubble fighting. If you’re using Empire R5 Implant for rotation you could change 1 of them for a Collision Compensator, but I’d go with 2 Verniers anyway. 

EB in Capacitor to avoid surprise kills. 

2 Adaptive Shields because they will make the ship immortal, having anything else on the shield on this ship is wasting time because what you want is your hull to resist a lot.

I put kinetic resistance on hull to cover the kinetic hole. But having raw hull/thermal resistance/EM resistance or even a Galvanized Armor is also ok (I’d avoid using Galvanized to not reduce the rotation). 

On CPU you could go either with Infrared or Proton Wall. I think Proton Wall is the best option because it’s too annoying when you use your Special module and suddenly an ECM blocks your weapon or directly stuns you. Ruining your raid attempt.

I’d say weapon is at your choice, but I find bubbles ridiculously good on this ship. So go with them. On ammunition I’d say go with Supercooling Charges because of how drastic is the change on your overheating, but considering they’re relatively expensive, you could go with a Supernova and just try to spam less bubbles.

Active modules as always Crit Chance + Reboot + Speed + Multipurpose. You could remove either the crit chance module because it has a long cooldown or the speed module because you think you don’t need it for another multipurpose. You could even put a Particle Purge if you want an easy way to steal kills. 

IMO the tiger-m can do heavier strikes using TTC+IR instead of 2xIR. The crit chance gets pretty high under mk4 aiming OC (+effectiveness implant)

Considering the long cooldown of the module I think you wont make that much of the crit dmg module. Also if you’re using Supercooling charges you’re going to keep spamming your bubbles even out of overdrive, so having only a 20% crit chance even if you have 100% crit damage wont help much. 


But yeah CPU modules are always up to the user. One of the few things that aren’t mandatory.