Reset / remove a started project on the dreadnought



The suggestion is simple, if you accidently started a project on the dreadnought, for example upgrade command tower to T4 you can’t reset/remove it anymore, if a low corp is accidently starting it they can’t build anything for weeks.

Give a possibility to reset a project which puts all the spended iridium into the corporation’s bank. (not so important)

Give a possibility to abandon a project and all the spend iridium will be taken back by the corporation. (really important)

I accidently started an upgrade on a T4 plasma turret which is absolutely unimportant atm, but we have to finish it to build something else, that is ridiculous. But it costs 25k which have to be spend first.

Also i think it’s a simple thing and would avoid lot of trouble inside of corporations, it’s necessary in my opinion.

To all corp leaders and VPs, or whoever, if you approve it i’d appreciate if you post a yes, vote in poll or give an upvote.


As a security option maybe just give the possibility to abandon a project to the CEO.

Or just make it abandonable if there is less than 1k spended.


Sincerely, OmegaFighter

Join the Accidentally Clicked On Upgrades That Cost Too Much And Take Too Long Club! There are many members so far.



Join the Accidentally Clicked On Upgrades That Cost Too Much And Take Too Long Club! There are many members so far.




Arkhos Core’s _dreadnought _was built this way.


And so was our T4 shield emitter. Took a week of full-corp grinding just to pay for it, then we had to wait two weeks for it to build!



My corp’s T4 shield emitter is with you, buddies.

Please, i’d like to get a “we consider it”, “forwarded”, “declined”, or “gonna be implemented somewhen”. So i can leave this topic in peace.

Or even more approves/opinions to make this suggestion getting more attention.




This needs to happen, especially considering how little information was released about dreadnoughts prior to the time when decisions had to be made. 

I mean seriously, very little information was given about the dreadnoughts themselves until they were actually released. NO information AT ALL was given about any modules you would be able to put on them until they could actually be put on (Shield Catalyst and Weapon Booster, and now the upcoming “War Room” and “Acceleration Pad” that are rumored, or w/e they are gonna be called). It would’ve made a heck of a lot more sense to release the information on those BEFORE dreadnoughts were released, so people could make better decisions on what dreadnought they wanted to build.

Forwarded to the Devs.

Good day! Unfortunately there are some technical complications regarding giving that option. But we got your opinion and we will keep looking for the solution of the problem.