Reset common ships

A small idea.

Everybody here know that once a ship is maxed, playing with it again is a waste of synergy.

So, we would love to do something with those billions of synergy.

Here is my suggestion :

We can reset a maxed ships. Reset a ship = reset ship’s synergy level.

If you reset a ship, you keep the fleet strength bonus, but maxing it again don’t give you a new +1 fleet strength.

So, what’s the point of doing it?

When you reset your ship, you earn a new items : Parts of the items needed to craft one of those t5 ships.

Parts? You mean, monocrystal and stuff like that?

Well, no. It’s special items :

One item per craftable hull/shield/blabla slots.

You can combine a number of the same item to build their corresponding ship slots.

But, we earn random slots?

No. You earn one of each passive slots the ship have.

Even better, the higher the ship tier is, the more parts you earn : 1 per tier!

Of course, a reseted ship, once maxed, can be reseted again and again.

A small example?

Sure :

For the lightbringer. 3 Hull / 1 shield / 1 capacitor / 1 motor / 3 cpu.

If you reset it, you’ll earn : 3 x 5 hull parts / 1 x 5 shield parts / 1 x 5 motor parts / 3 x 5 cpu parts. (x 5 because lightbringer is t5).

For let’s say, 200 of the same part, you can craft the ship component.

What do you think of it?

Not sure if you it was clear.

No. Definitely not. People would just grab T3s, max them, then recycle them for the parts for easy, instant Prototypes.

No. Definitely not. People would just grab T3s, max them, then recycle them for the parts for easy, instant Prototypes.

Ok, t3 ship : you earn up to 9 part of one slot. You have to reset 33 time the same ship to have one. 33 ship, even with one reset a day = long time.

Plus : 33 reset won’t be enough because t3 don’t have the max number of passive slots + t5/t4 have a much higher income + with this method you have a limited layout (the layout of the ship you were flying).

I am sure this idea could work, and work well.

What about adding a Prestige Mode to ships? When a ship is maxed out you pay x amount of credits (higher ship = more credits) to enter Prestige Mode.

Entering Prestige resets the xp to 0. When you hit max again you gain a Prestige Rank. You can then Prestige again for further bonuses.

Potential Prestige Bonuses:

  1. Unique sticker to display your prestige talents. The sticker updates to show your Prestige Level.

  2. Updated sticker. No repair costs on the ship from now on.

  3. Updated sticker. Custom Title ‘The Prestigious’ (activated with unique toggle - only displays on P3 ships or higher. On all other ships normal title displays).

  4. Updated sticker. +20% Free Synergy earned from now on (replaces normal +5%).

  5. Updated sticker, unique ship skin. New Prestige Title ‘The Legendary’. Profile tracks number of Legendary Ships.

Premium Ships can increase in Prestige, but do not get the bonuses to free synergy or repairs - for those, Prestige is pure bragging rights!

^ this.

Ship reset also help new players to fight against stronger players. Those lvl 1 t4 will have to face less fully synergized t5.

They won’t do it… They want to keep it simple. Grindy and repetitive, so that even a monkey could do it.

We had so many good suggestions, but the best they can come up with, is to get 300 free syn conversion instead of 150 for 1 galactic standard on sales.

I miss 0.7, 0.8 version glory days. However, I can’t really complain, since I have everything, but for new players, I feel pity.