Requirements for NUKE achievements should be reduced

So … this is actually long overdue.  With the introduction (quite some time ago) of “missile” cartridges, a pilot cannot field nearly as many nukes as previously possible.   Therefore, the nuke achievement requirements should be reduced commensurate with the nuke nerfs, most importantly, the huge reduction in maximum nuke firing frequency.


out of curiosity:

how was it before? i only know the current version.

what do you mean with firing frequency? had it more than one charge before?


i have just seen the steam archivements, liked the name of them, but the amount of kills needed was pretty high when you consider the cooldown…what is it? 120s? And so far i got just a handfull of kills with it…it feels more like a random finisher than a nuke.

if you have a tip on “how to use the nuke” that would be nice^^ tried to nuke the enemy captain…but nope, not functional. currently i used it just on beacons.


so yeah…i dont know the old nuke, but currently its much easier to kill an enemy with a normal rocket or even unguided torpedos compared to the nukes.

Before you were able to get all achievements in PVE. And it should stay like it was.

I think that if you want to get final nuke achievement, you must at least damage or destroy 2500 targets.

ok, 2500 in pve should be possible…but in pvp is simply a pain since no one falls for a nuke^^

It’s 3000 for the last stage. But as far as i see it changed from “destroy” to “damage”.


Once upon a time, the nuke was heavily overpowered; especially in the era, where it became stationary, but still had no ticking sound and the most damage of all weapons with uber explosion range.

Before that, it was an uber troll weapon, since it moved really slowly.


It is true, that atm. the nuke is rather hard to score, but, it isn’t impossible. It is especially evil, if you try to flush out the enemy from a tight defensive spot. And you know that causes them to run into the fleet.


It’s also less of a pain now since cartridge time reload can be affected with implants and pylons. I see it now as a challenge weapon. My Kite has it now since ages. And each time you score a kill, you are like



flush them out of cover sounds more like a smokebomb than a nuke xD

most pvp games i have seen so far were mostly made of Interceptors and Engineers, i have rarely seen a defensive spot, thats why i used it only at the beacons so far. capture it, place nuke, escape or if it is defended by the other team, use it like you said.


if it is now “damage x enemies”, does the radiation cloud also counts? or just the initial explosion?

yah well sadly, more than luck kills are usually not on the menu; but occasionally, there is a situation where you think: “whoa, this would be ideal if i had a nuke…” - does not happen often.

It is by far the hardest gunnery achievement to make, the only one I do not have yet (I’m somewhere around 1600)


I am not sure if the cloud counts tbh. - I just had the same question in mind - but it may take some time until I can answer that :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe someone else knows…

The nuke achievements are the main, if not only reason I have a CovOps on my lineup. It does feel good to blow people up with a Nuke though. I’m sure I got an ECM the other day as his bubble wore off!


I really don’t miss the “nuclear winter” era though. I heard some nightmarish stories about the Strong.

I got killed by a nuke on a beacon just yesterday :slight_smile:


T3 is the easiest place to damage people with nukes because of the chaos caused by large matches.