Required rank for vouchers contracts

4am here.

My body is telling me “Sleep”, but my mind is telling me “Go suggest something!”   ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)


As you’ve probably guessed by reading the title, it’s about vouchers contracts. The rank limitation is, how to say… Restricting. 

Fact is that for example, you can’t farm some components (berry/neo/lower premiums) or simply play lower ships AND do contracts once you’re reached r15.

So if I want to have fun with my Antares, or farm for the stingray, I can’t do contracts. And this is stupid. 



So, to solve this problem but still keep some kind of carrot to make players play higher rank ships, I suggest this :

Instead of having an hard limit where above the limit you make some progress, and under you don’t ; we can have something like A. Gage mission = A decreasing progress.



As an example :

I want to do the “get 14000 effectiveness” contract. So I did a PvP battle and got 2000 effectiveness. 

Two different cases :

  • I did it with a r13+ ship. So my progress on this contract increase of 2000 effectiveness. Nothing change here. 

  • Now, I did it with a r13- ship (let’s say r7 here). Instead of having 0 progress, here I’ll get “progress = 2000 * (7 / 13) = 1076”, so my total effectiveness will increase of 1076.


Any comments? 

That’d be nice. Then I’d be able to play what I want when I want, and still get work on contracts.

This is a good one, + from me.

Working on it, we already discussed the idea of ability to choose loyalty missions for ranks pilot wants to fly today. It’s in development.