Request for nVidia Surround Support



I’d like to request support for nVidia Surround gaming. While the game will run at 5760x1080, the User Interface / HUD is attached to the side of the view, which puts it outside your center view with 3 monitors. 


Usually for this to work best the UI remains on the center screen, so perhaps an option for “UI resolution” or “UI size” where the UI spanning can be adjusted to either 100% (best for single monitor) or ad user programmable setting (typically 33%-centered for Surround).





On a side note, the AMD/ATi version is called “Eyefinity”. 


I just realized this may be the wrong forum - please move is needed. 

Ask JPhack. If I remember correctly, he uses 3 monitors in Star Conflict ([JPhack](< base_url >/index.php?/user/85413-jphack/)).