Reputation, Loyalty etc

There are so many things that are so very wrong.


In the beginning, the first 3 weeks, I got loyalty the same as reputation, and then a bonus for contracts.  Then it was modified so you only get loyalty for doing a contract, and the contract rewards were still their old low bonus-style numbers.  Then, you rebalanced ships, and the ships I had built for what I wanted to play were no longer viable.  I had many blue items that now were in some other faction.  So I ignored that for a bit, because not only was it a different faction, but it’s a different race.  I wanted to finish leveling to 12 in federation and at least top out those ships before changing. But now there’s also a penalty for flying low tier missions. I can’t use my t2 ships being a high rank in a race, because you get 100’s of rep, instead of the standing 2-4k… (so I’m stuck playing in T3 OP tier where there’s so many combinations of insta-nuke attacks that it’s really kinda lame)  


But back where I was, I started this morning paying attention to raid and tech faction.  At level 1, you can switch back and forth without much of a penalty, so you can occupy time.  In the begining, a 1 hour timer means I don’t get a bonus very quickly; but no, I get no loyalty 5 out of 6 games.  So I started switching to tech to do that one, and I have one in empire that i could rotate too to fill the time.  If I was limited to an hour or 2 a day, It would take 7 days to get the 4200loyalty to level so there is something else to do.  The first several missions may not even be able to qualify for the contract, and then, you may be unfortunate enough to be the one that catches a stray bullet so you can’t cap (5 times in a row) so all other contracts also timed out while I tried to complete this one.  so if I play 2-3 hours, odds are I can complete 1 contract/day.


And at higher levels, now 7200, though this second contract that is now available is 2000, it won’t take but 3 days to level to 2.  But at 3, it’s no longer an optoin to switch back and forth every round, because I go broke.  And I’m still not level 12 federation, and really want to save 9million.  But you made me spend my 8million I had saved to fit my ships with anything.  All of the parts I owned now fit none of the ships that I owned; so I’m set back a week for that…  I now have 3 ships that I don’t want to fly, since none of them have the abilities that I was working towrds, so all of these ships I would not have bought either( so that’s another another what …some 60M credits should be refunded, so I can buy the correct tree of ships.)… so 69M credits gone.  Basically all of the time I spent.  But mind you the first 3 weeks I got a lot further ahead than is possible in 3 months now.


This requirement to have a license to fly with 4 friends is ridiculous.  Especially being in a corp. 


I dunno there were 3 or 4 other things I wanted to mention but they’re not coming to mind, and probably if I don’t submit this soon I’ll lose everything I wrote…

Man if it takes you 2-3 hours to complete one contract you are doing something wrong plain and simple.


The reduce exp you get when you get so high of a level does suck and needs removed def agree with you there.

Well this contract was kill 6 drones defending, and it took an hour, to get a map with drones, and then to have the enemy actually capture beacons long enough to have drones, and then to have drones that wren’t blown up by someone’s torpedo.


Then the second level contract which is 2000, is only good once per day, and I’ll entirely miss the next time it comes up, so that’s 2 days just because I can’t play when it will be up. 


Yes there are lots of contracts like ‘win a battle’ that cannot take an hour.


And I’m thinking that with as much stress as has been assigned to contracts, probably most people on my team are just working to fullfill a contract and not actually play for real objectives… it really was much better when contracts were bonus loyalty.

1 advice - start lvl’ing up all the ships from T1 and up - ALL OF THEM - and have fun doing that. Thats what i did after the last patch. By the end of lets say T2 you have enough money and rep to continue the same with t3 and so on. If you feel it still takes to long or you make less money than you would like to then don’t buy or use missiles and try to stay alive longer.