replay mode with observer camera control centered on player's ship

I feel like it’s really hard to improve in this game past a certain point, because it’s hard to see mistakes made in the middle of a game. 


There is already observer camera functionality implemented on allied ships for when you die and cannot respawn, where the camera is centered on the ship but you can rotate it freely. Please implement a replay mode with this free-view observer camera centered on the player’s ship. 


Other more advanced functionality such as seeing views from other player’s ships would be a bonus, but getting this basic functionality out quickly would be very helpful. 

but getting this basic functionality out quickly would be very helpful.







I would love to have replay system but i’d rather have devs dedicate their resources on something more feasible :), such system is not something of sorts of “just do it” :frowning:

You can always do recording (that is if hardware good enough) and review it later, with no replays that is a one of the best ways to improve.

There is already spectator mode, so depending on how that is implemented this may or may not be much harder.


At a high level, record the time-stamped input data of every player during the game and write that into a save file. Then simulate the game in real time by feeding the same input data stream for each user from the save file, but set the player as a spectator in the game. This shouldn’t be too hard to implement as long as other replay controls (rewinding, etc.) are not required. 


My system is not good enough to record unfortunately. And I really don’t think requiring players to record their games with external software in order to improve is good for a game. Also, even if I did record a dogfight from first person it’s kind of hard to see where I made a mistake and lost because of all the spinning around. Having a static view would be a lot more helpful. 

this has been suggested multiple times since beta 3 years back, nothing happened

Well I haven’t been around here 3 years ago, but I saw the other suggestion thread from 2015 which asked for a much more “sophisticated” replay mode. My suggestion here should be easier to implement since the client just needs to simulate the game with recorded players’ input instead of the server streaming the input data of other players. 


IMO some basic form of this functionality is core to any game that wants to consider itself competitive at all. Counter Strike, Guild Wars, Starcraft, DotA, etc. all are competitive games that have an integrated replay mechanism. Name me one competitive game these days that doesn’t. 

We’re working on observer camera improving, but have no plans for a replay mode in the near future.