Repelling Beam needs some buffs!

Suggestion: Repelling Beam



Repelling beam needs some buffs and additional functions.

If hit by the beam, the target should also receive +100% collision damage, especially upon any collision with debris, walls, etc.

The percentual damage from before was fair with the stats and all. Now it’s just weak.

For me, in almost all cases the original modules are all better than the new modules. I can’t see any reason why I would choose Repelling beam ever except for the case that if it was ALL that I had which it isn’t.


The idea was cool and all but it should be the same amount of damage as the thermal beam so it is a decent option in choosing modules. I use the thermal beam in spec ops only and that’s only cause the gravity lens affects the gunships that are on top of it, and for defiler its kinda meh anyway.

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