Repair/Misc Module Rework

this forum post is to address many problems with in mods themselves. Primarily active and passive modules.

Weapon Boosters

Should not have penalties on them, but their bonus amounts should be reduced.

Should be passive

Should become stackable.


Increase weapon damage by 7.5%

Decreases weapon spread by 10%

Increases charge speed by 25%

Changes damage type to X, increases charge speed by 2%

Sheild/Hull Repair Mods

Repair mods are undependable. it needs to be changed to be more dependable. the best way of doing this is the following (there two be two types of shield regeneration)

A instant regeneration mod, with higher cool down.

A regeneration of time effect, that consumes moderate amounts of energy.


(Self Shield Regeneration mods)

Instantly Regenerates 50% of shields, 25 second cool down. costs 95 energy

Regenerates 7% of shields a second, for 15 seconds. 5 second cool Down. costs 10 energy a second.

(Self Armor Regeneration Mods)

Regenerates 7.5% armor a second, costs 18 energy a second. No Cool Down.

Regenerates 50% armor over 6 seconds. Each tick costs 50 energy. No cool Down.

(Aoe Regeneration Mods)

Regenerates 5% of Armor a second. Costs 25 energy a second. No cool down

Regenerates 4.5% of shields a second. Costs 25 energy a second. No cool down

Electronic Warfare modules

Webifiers (Slow)

Should be changed to 35% Slow (minimum) up to 65% Slow (Maximum) Range should be decreased to 3.5k max Costs 12 energy a second to run.

Weapon Dampeners

Range increased to 6.500m, Reduction increased to 30% (minimum), up to 75% (Maximum). costs 15 energy a second.

Passive Mods

Armor increased by 25%, up from 3.5+

Shield Increased by 25%, up from 3.5+

all resistance mods Increased to 50, up from 20

Add an all resistance mod for 35 resistance.

Shield regenerate lowered, from 70-100% to 45%-65% (this is to balance the other repair changes).

More to come soon.

A lot of these changes were made to stablize the game.

These mods will help balance healing, and make survivablity alittle more dependable and balanced, this should make fighting more skill based. It will cause the batltes to allow you to take more hits, and will help encourage focus fire (Which is already decent in the game).

these regen changes are primarily to fix instant pop effects on people.

the repair module suggestion would render frigate support modules once more obsolete…there are already weapon modifiers (passive modules) which passively decrease the spread or increase the range for instance

when you hit t2-2 module will become avialable which regenerate your shields and hull without an energyfee at a low but steady rate

to the dampening / slowing suggestion - why not rename the game to “Clay Ship Shooting” → did you ever been in a situation where your weapons / engines being lowered in output? the current modules are fine at my understanding

right now it’s the balancing of the weapons which is causing issues…

however i like your ideas…the repair modules sure need some love considering the huge cooldown and the respectively low amount of hull being repaired when used

totally do not agree with you, i did the math on it. its all % based, not a raw number, this will always be balanced if the % amount is correct per the amount of time. its nearly the same actually; its a buff from current figures (10-35% buff, just depending) these rates are very stable, and dependable. lets do the math

My frigate for example has 2000 shields, and 3000 hull so lets use the equation for the example.

New Figures

2000 / 7% = 140 x 15 = 2100 / 20 sec cool down. Total: 105 Shield per second (SPS)


1000/25 = 40 Total 40 SPS

Current Figures

684 / 40 seconds = Total 17.1 HPS

This would help interceptors a lot, as well as the others, by providing over time healing, or instant heals for those times where you are in a ruff spot.

the lower SPS for instant heals would be balanced because its instant. these equations work out perfectly.

The other mods will be ship specific (stated in another post) Interceptors will become a sort of tackle/support class. This is to sway them away from being damage dealers to being support in battle, that run around spy droning stuff (so we know where they are) and slowing and locking down enemies that are caught away from the fleet. This will make the game extremely strategic.

fight now as it stands, the game is 10-15% skill, 80-90% Items.

it’s be better if the ratio was 30-40% tactics, 30-40% skill,10-20% Team work and the other 10-20% items

it might kill aswell the speed in which fights take place…it may become once more a i camp and run my regen modules and then leave cover to kill a ship

interceptors are ment to capture beacons and flank the enemy, the real support ships are gun ships and attack ships - yet the attack ships may also be used to push the enemy backwards

your last statement about the equip / skill ratio is only right if you fly against better equiped players but for instance i was capable to fight players which were better equiped and had a higher tech tier

yesterday we flew in a squad taking on t3-1 ships in t2-2 which weren’t equiped at max - we won couple times just because we coordinated our attacks and even made certain sacrifices to win

get yourself a average squad and you can take on nearly any enemy

regeneration as it stands now is undependable. Let me give you some situations, and i will counter against you worries.

Imagine you are getting focused by 1 player with beams, his damage is higher then yours, now you have two choices, run and die, or fight and die with the chance of killing him first, only, he already had 2-3 seconds of damage on you while you turn to target him, possibly longer if he is in range.

You cant use modules, because they take to long to activate and use, or regenerate to little (or in come cases way to much). Further, if its on cooldown, you are done for. ill give you, as i look at the ratio’s maybe 6-6.5% is better, but the output is still in this area, for balanced play.

what you have to understand is that

  1. camping should be dissencouraged.

  2. Regeneration will always be a factor, and since most maps are full of rocks ((Btw a very dark, deep space, nothing around battle (well maybe a comet) would be great)) So Line of sign/regen will always be a factor. What needs to be done is the regeneration needs to be constant, but at lower levels, so that you just burst through the cooldown, and its game over. Rather then just 1-5 shotting everything.

Also the beta forums says tier ships are getting a nerf (to be almost the same stats).

further, forums also mention that ships will get more mod slots soon. So its working toward being something like eve. Which is a good thing, as the combat in even is on key, an excellent and successful MMO. The problem with eve is its to complex (in things like market, building etc) for its own good (that let to its downfall eventually because of hard-to-understand mechanics).

As for the upper tier items, they just need a balance.

in the end the regen is good in the amounts stated above.

just remember, people camp because skirmish often leads to repeated and instant death, which is what needs ot be fixed, and the only way to do that, is buffing the stability to survivability.

it’s great to have someone like you to discuss with :smiley:

yet some of your arguments (i refer to the beam story) don’t convince me: i once flew my t2-2 deimos (just command modules: t2-3 hull res, t2-2 shield res, t2-2 damage booster and using assault plasma t2-2 booster and needle p) and was capable of killing frigates which lasered me while using the overdrive…for me it’s all about teamplay, tactics and sometimes a litte luck

though i agree with you about the camping - the current modules don’t allow for a quick recover when damaged and lead towards wainting till the shield kicks in or a frigate with support hull rep flies by

another problem about camping are the longrange hard-hitting weapons and the frigate sniping special abilities which invite you to be stationary

the devs already are working on the skilltree we shall see what the future brings

final thought: i see once more there is still a great need for testing, some skills and modules seem not to work properly

p.s. how long do you play SC ? CBT or OBT?

you should read my other post about ship reworks, it will help you get an idea of how i am forseeing the game. maybe from that perspective the mod changes will make sense