Repair Bills

I am running into repair bills on ships that are almost equal to the money received from a match, more than 40K in some case 


I heard in chat in T4 sometimes the repair bills cost more than the money people get from winning a match


Perhaps less repair costs could be an idea? 


My durability build frigate gets blown to bits whenever it meets those fighters who can both tank better and do more dps than I and its starting to pile up in the body shop bill department 

Already been mentioned [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18415-decrease-repair-bills-for-t4-matches-or-increase-rewards/)


Also from a forum admin


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Which reads:


Error, on 15 Apr 2013 - 23:00, said:

T4 is not designed for farming credits. The last Tier is for tournaments and corps battles.

If you want to fly it active, you will need a very good squad with you.


The main issue is not that people want to ‘farm credits’ but to have enough credits to keep participating in these tiers AND earn enough credits to purchase Tier 4 ships / modules. If they want us to beta test it give us (the actual testers) the damn tools instead of just trying to jolly roger us over a barrel. When the game goes live all game data should be reset or soft reset. If they don’t from this day forward then the game is not a ‘beta’ despite what they say.