Reorder the Player Name Right-click Context Menu

Basically what the title is- I’d like the menu options that appear when you right-click a player’s name in chat, squad, friends, etc to be reordered.  Right now, the option to “Ignore Player” is right next to the option to “View Profile,” making it far too easy to misclick and ignore someone when you simply wanted to check out their profile.


I propose that the menu options be grouped by type.  Have the ‘positive’ options on the top, such as friend, invite to squad/corp, & view profile.  Stick the ‘negative’ options on the bottom, suck as kicking, ignore, and report.  Finally, either have some blank lines between the positive and negative options, or place the mostly neutral “Follow” option in between the others to minimize the chance of accidental clicks causing problems.

This. I need this. Reduce my anxiety whenever I need to check someone’s profile.