Remove Tree prerequisites for ships

I was looking through the trees for ships I’d like to use; it was Jericho in this case.


I played frigates from the start and while I wasn’t too pleased you made guided torpedoes t2 only and onward, I was happy you didn’t get rid of it entirely. I like them but then, I saw I needed to buy a ship I didn’t want before I could buy it; a ship that costs a whopping 950,000 credits, then the ship I want is 1,260,000 credits.


Looking further down the tree I saw that the guided torpedo frigates are scattered all over the place forcing you to buy ships you don’t want. All I see is a giant grinding fest and that’s for only 1 faction; never mind the other two factions.




If your ships are going to be so expensive I say you remove the tree system for ship and instead people can buy any ship based on their loyalty level with a target faction. If that means you double the number of loyalty levels at the moment, so be it; its better than having to waste credits on ships you’ll likely never use.


However, if you could buy the ships with premium currency or credits that may help rectify this issue. As it stands, I do not look forward to the grind ahead; especially when I’m in the t3s and t4s. I’m hoping very much so, that something is done about this.


Thank you for your time.

Make everything realistically available ?

  • Yes please

A whopping 950k credits? 


If you think that is bad and are complaining(not that theres anything wrong with that) already then you arent going to have a very good time in this game



With premium you can unlock EVERYTHING  in the game  and prob have credits to buy half of all the ships in about 1000 games . 


Now lets look at at WoT a similar game to star conflict. 1000 games will get you prob ONE line of tanks . that would be like only unlocking  frigs and then having to start over and unlock the fighters of the same race and then do it again for intys.


So what im saying is the grind really isn’t that bad and could be much, much , much worse

Why the need to incorporate grinding as part of the game’s mechanic ? It adds to the fun ?

grinding doesn’t add to fun, its a very lazy way to fill hours of content. Games like WoW do this when you need to grind honor points or badges, its not about content its a grind to get new stuff.


My issue is the simple fact that as ships get more expensive and the fact you have to buy ships in a certain order, the time it takes to get things will exponentially increase as ships get more expensive.


Keep the ship prices high, that’s fine. But don’t force us to waste credits on ships we’ll never use because they’re ‘in the way’ of getting a ship we want.



They could also group ships based on their special weapon types, like all phase shield ships together, all dis-integrator beam ships together, all combat drone ships together, and all guided torpedo ships together. This would greatly remedy the issue I’m having, I wanted guided torpedo ships but in later teirs they’re grouped with other ships types and no easy route to get them. Parallel to them are Guided torpedo ships, but I’m forced to backtrack because they’re not connected; I have to buy like 4 ships I don’t want to get the one I do want.


Essentially, its going to take a ludicrous amount of time to get the few ships I do want. I’ll be honest, I don’t play star conflict all the time, I don’t want to. Since its not a burden on my budget at this point I’m not really inclined to spend hundreds of hours grinding for things I don’t want to get in order to get what I really want.




On another note, if you group ships based on their types and special weapon systems, its smart because each special weapon dictates a different way of playing them ingame. All the Jericho ships between the Guided torpedo frigates are close range tanks whereas the Guided Torpedo frigates are long range harassers and beacon defenders. With such a radical difference in style of play, its not only jarring for a ship change, its also annoying and discouraging for people who want to play a certain way. 

I like the idea of separating the hierachies (like they were b/f the last patch) so that if you prefer a certain ship’s role (e.g. engineering vs. guard) you’re not forced to buy a bunch of guard frigates you won’t play to get the one you want.


At the same time, if you play enough, you’ll eventually snap up the pre-requisite ships (there are really only 9 trees of ships) so then you’re really just considering the next tier of ship for that tree. I would expect most casual players to burn out b/f they make it past T2, but if you’re not picky, having all the ships in a single tree can make it easier for that casual player to get access to different roles of ships they may not have tried if they had to try/start another tree of ships.

Grinding along a ship tree is just an easy way out to making games.


The developers weren’t brave enough to try creative alternatives.


Due to how we play Star Conflict, the mechanics etc. having open access to all roles and ships is better.


Unfortunately - the ship tree is one of the ways Gaijin is getting their money back so without a new financial model I think we’ll be stuck with limited access.