Remove rank restrictions

Okay… One of the actual worst aspects of the game is the rank restrictions in both the contracts section and anywhere else.

The missions that say that you must “use ships of the highest available rank” are just plain awful. I’m not even going to elaborate on that.

The voucher missions that require you to use R13 ships or higher -just to get a common currency needed in all ranks- are terrible.

The fact that the matchmaker STILL will not let players squad freely with any rank ships is absurd. I should be able to bring a maximum of R10 ships in a squad with people who fly R15. We are all going to the same ranked matches anyways so I truly do not see the reason for this. Same for PvE. I want to be able to squad with my R7 friends while using my R9 ships. I also want to be able to squad with my R15 ships while using  R11 ships.



I understand that high ranking -things- need to be only obtainable in high ranking ships, but aside from premium ship parts, this shouldn’t apply to anything else. It literally doesn’t affect anything in game. All it does is restrict players and give them a hard time.


Tl;dr proposal:

  1. Remove squad rank restrictions.

  2. Remove contract rank restrictions (aside for premium ships).

  3. Remove PvP and PvE rank restrictions. (But only downwards. Players should be able to bring R7 ships in to R15 battle while carrying R15 ships. But not bring R15 ships in to R9 battle and so on.)




Have an inferred “quote” from mister Dev:

“In Star Conflict you can have fun or make progress. But you are not allowed to do them both at the same time.” -Dev