Remove impact sounds from friendly fire

Please remove impact sounds when you get hit by friendly fire. Since friendly fire causes no damage I don’t want to hear about it.

Once I hear an impact I start evasive maneuvers. Sure I could just check my shield/armor first to notice that I am not receiving damage, but the time to do that would get me killed if it was really an enemy shooting me.

Also you you sometimes get these people on your team who take a break from licking windows and instead do follow you around and permanently shoot you just because they can, preventing you from playing the game properly.

If friendly fire impact sounds were removed it would be easier to ignore those guys (I’d still see their weapons fire but that’s a minor issue).

I should my own team to get their attention - usually when an Engineer doesn’t turn on his/her modules.


If anything, I wish I could generate more noise.


I do see your point though, and some people tend to annoy others on purpose.

How about a ‘PAY ATTENTION GODDAMNIT!!!’ alarm instead of having to shoot them to attract their attention? Just sayin’… sleepy engis who forget to turn heals on need this.

Yeah, some quick chat commands that automatically translate to each client’s language would be nice.

You know it finally dawned oh me why a couple of times ships on my own side were taking pot shots at me when I was sitting there in a command ship as it has shield replishment as well. Guess I wasn’t hitting the module button fast enough.

Dunno, people mostly park behind me and pepper me (even with missiles for some reason) when I’m in an LRF. Although now that I think about it, I have been asked for heals while in one once… lol.

Command provides shield resists btw, not heals.

Did someone say quick chat?


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