Remove Ellydium from PvP

It’s high time we had this discussion. I know many of you will balk at it, but due to the meta that surrounds Ellydium ships in PvP, there are presented two options. (Well three, but the third is what we have now)


1: Cripple the Ellydium ships and modules such that they match standard ships. This would include reducing regenerative capacity, health, damage, module recharge, module strength, and most of all restricting the crystalline suppressor to healing (with only minor damage capability). Most people would really hate to see such glorious ships go to waste like this, so I personally don’t think this is a good way to handle the situation.


2: Restrict Ellydium ships to PvE modes like Coop, OS, and Missions. With this change, we could honestly buff the Ellydium ships back to their former glory (when they launched) and give them back all their power, as they would still be used, and extremely useful, just not against players (except for OS). This way players would still be able to have fun with the ships, but balance would return to PvP modes (for the most part,) making it a more desirable game mode overall. This is the route I recommend as it would not devalue Ellydium ships, but simply make them more specialized and fun in other modes.




If you think of a better way to handle Ellydium in PvP, feel free to add it in the comments. No Ellydium simps allowed. (Jk, y’all go ham.)

Needless to say none of that will happen as things are never that simple…

Yeah. Ellydium still needs to be the subject of serious debate at the gaijin office at some point. If not limit Ellydium as a whole, limit Ze’Ta.

yo, today it’s not the 1st of April … ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


Edit: on a serious note, what should be balanced, if we talk about balance, is a fleet of ECMs in sec con. Certain corps get 4-6-8 ecms and simply waste the enemy dread, with all the players. They hack the turrets, block the weapons and so on. To kill a Zeta is simply a joke for 2-3 ecms. So Zeta doesn’t need a balance, the gameplay does. 

Why not limit the number of a certain type to… 25% of the total number of ships? 

So if you have 12 ships in a sec con, the team (corp or randoms) could use max. 3 ecms or 3 gunships, and so on. That would be balance.




I also like to see only normal ships in the PvP, but not gonna happen.
Each ellydium ship has DLC (including limited deluxe version) , meaning some people already bought it with real money.
You can imagine what will happen if players’ ships are banned from PvP without any words.

ECM fleets are also cancerous but we’ve had them long enough to have decent counters. Plus the biggest problem with them is having your keyboard disconnected right before a zeta/tharga warps in to demolish you.