remove all restrictions for the blueprints in the Workshop - (100% availability - purchasable with credits only)

To StarGem Inc.


I am requesting and proposing a simple and efficient change.


Extend availability of all present and future blueprints by credits only, like some already available exceptions, which can be bought for credits instantly.

Invasion Standard and Pirate blueprints, which can only be found and unlocked in Invasion should exist in the Workshop, so that you can buy them, if you got enough credits.

This applies to all T3, T4 and T5 Standard and Pirate blueprints - mark IV and especially mark V blueprints.

If mark V equipment upgrade is introduced, it should be included as well.





T5 weapon blueprint costs 9000000 credits and the sell price is 900000 credits. (sell price is always 10 times lower)

I am proposing 10% increase for the tax , so that it’s harder to buy or obtain them. This means an additional 900000 credits in this case, which is a total of 9900000 credits.

You can also increase the tax for 20% or 25%. Even 50% , if you feel like it.


I am urging you to do this.

I already got all of them, but most of other players do not have neither the credits or the blueprints.


Spatial Scanner is only a shortcut in such cases and it is still usable , since only credit loot got nerfed , but the chances remained the same.

You can still get all the blueprints in Invasion, like it is now. Nothing would change in that regard.

However, those who do not wish to spend their own free time in Invasion, they shouldn’t be forced to do so, if they wish to get those blueprints.

They should be able to buy them all in the Workshop , if they got enough credits for such purchases.




Credits are now harder to obtain and thus no longer the easiest currency in the game.

You can still go on the hunt with Spatial Scanner to get them for free.

This option is the easiest and the quickest to implement.

Players would be able to spend more monocrystals, since they got the required blueprints they want or need. (more Store containers would get bought)

No more mandatory strolls in Invasion, or waiting to get a lucky loot drop for months in Special Operation and/or PVE mission scenario would be needed.





Practically non-existent. None.

Only those, who are against such an idea, would present them, but it’s not really a decisive factor, why this shouldn’t be changed and implemented.



You can disregard this, since it’s not necessary.

However, I still wanted to present this.


OPTIONAL RESTRICTIONS: (rank restrictions - similar to Crews/Implants)


BASIC complexity variant (unlocks all blueprints, once specific rank is reached)




Rank   9 with all 3 factions/ships to unlock those blueprints - T3 Standard/Pirate versions

Rank 12 with all 3 factions/ships to unlock those blueprints - T4 Standard/Pirate versions

Rank 15 with all 3 factions/ships to unlock those blueprints - T5 Standard/Pirate versions


Shortcut: T3/T4/T5 Premium ship would unlock all the blueprints variants, while T5 would provide maximum and instant benefit.

Warning: Premiums could also get excluded, so that people wouldn’t abuse this option to just buy at least 1 T5 premium, before buying any other, lower Premium ship tiers.


Explanation: This is very simple to implement. Once maximum top rank is reached for rank 9 - T3, rank 12 - T4  and rank 15 - T5, you would instantly unlock specific tier’s blueprints for credits.



EXPERT complexity variant ( unlocks ONLY those blueprints for the SPECIFIC SHIP’S CLASS , when reached)

                                           (based on mark III upgrade - loyalty vouchers faction’s origin: Empire, Federation, Jericho ; rank - 9,12,15)


Rank   9 with specific faction/ship, to unlock specific class related weapon and module blueprints -  T3 Standard/Pirate versions

Rank 12 with specific faction/ship, to unlock those class related weapon and module blueprints     - T4 Standard/Pirate versions

Rank 15 with specific faction/ship, to unlock those class related weapon and module blueprints     - T5 Standard/Pirate versions


Shortcut: T3/T4/T5 Premium ship would only unlock class specific weapon and module variants. Each T5 Premium ship would be needed, so that all the blueprints would get unlocked.

Warning: This could lead or indicate “P2W” behavior. However, it would encourage people to invest in this game and thus it would provide you with much needed income.


Example: I want to unlock T5 module and weapon blueprints for an Engineering ship class first.

                 I unlocked T5 - rank 15, when I bought my standard T5 T-Rex Federation Engineer/Premium/Secret Project ship.

                 I only unlocked specific modules, weapons, which are connected to an Engineering class.


Option 1: Same would apply to all other class specific modules and weapons. Weapons, which are not class specific or general, should follow basic variant - ( rank only , but not faction as well)

Option 2: Specific weapons/modules for specific classes are based on mark III upgrade. If some weapon requires rank 15 Jericho, but you have Empire or Federation, you cannot buy such blueprint with credits only.

               This is more demanding and complex option, since you need to simultaneously work on all 3 factions at the same time, if you want to have all available access for blueprints in the Workshop.


Solution for 2 warnings: You should exclude Premium ships as means, to give you such an option. After all, they are meant to speed up progression and give free repair cost.

                                      BASIC and EXPERT complexity variants should only be affected by Standard/Secret Projects ships and not by any Premium ships.


If equipment will also be upgradable to mark V version, then it needs to be unlocked as well.



I really hope that you will consider what is right and that you will do what I/We ask of you.




With respect,  Koromac



We can’t swindle people out of $10 and hundreds of hours in game to get a pithy number of credits and a couple blueprints.

I honestly don’t care either way.

I personally would be happy if drop rates were just increased slightly. I mean this is a good idea but I want Invasion to be useful and fun, and not just a pain. ^^

> have almost all BP

> no craftable ships

> 4x T5 weapons, 1x T3 weapon

> and only 43 monos


da problem is with monos not gettin BP



c’mon Koro you should know that

thanks for your input - forwarded to Devs

> have almost all BP

> no craftable ships

> 4x T5 weapons, 1x T3 weapon

> and only 43 monos


da problem is with monos not gettin BP



c’mon Koro you should know that


I never said otherwise. Of course, you lack monocrystals, but that’s their main intention.

Just wait, when all of the weapons/modules and possible equipment for mark V will be unlocked and introduced as well.

I have already made some calculations and it’s really not looking good. If it would be up to me, I would reduce the requirements for monocrystals by 50%.

Actually, I would do a single requirement. You would unlock mark V option by paying monocrystals only once. This means that you learned to produce mark V kit yourself with resources only - no “monos” later).

If you got mark IV variants in your your warehouse, using this mark V kit would instantly grant you mark V upgrade for free. That would be fair in my opinion.

It is meant for you to buy most of those containers with monocrystals. Pay to get, of course.

You can do it in the old fashioned - free way, but that would require months, if not a year to have 4 T5 ships fully leveled to mark V with a Premium license.

Your question regards to the game’s Economy, that matter won’t be discussed with players. Blueprints won’t be sold for credits and for now, there are no changes would be implemented for that matter.