Remove 7 Part/Day Limit

Lol im laughin at Gaijin strategy of lying and closing unconfortable threads - im asking You mr. Admin who is closing threads about droprate ninja nerf why you are lying us and why there is no info about that nerf - just answer and then you can ban my account - i be never play Gaijin game anymore so this is no mater for me. Just answer why you lying and then do whatever you want .

There is no such limit :slight_smile:

delete this topic or u will get banned (ask koromac)

I still have yet to get over 7 parts in any given day, and I have all 4 slots with maxed out R13 ships. Coincidence? I think not!

 @ up - i dont realy know whay are you talkin about but i think you dont understood where the problem is so … too bad for you.


delete this topic or u will get banned (ask koromac)


all of my friends just left this game when droprate was ninja-nerfed - i dont mater about ban ill be never back to this game and any Gaijin game they already produced or will produce in the future - i just want to listen any answer - but i know they wil never answer me

yea i know i am just saying

Wehheheheheee… I just…umm… nvm.

The new “premium” ships are considered along the lines of a secret project ships judging by most responses which makes sense since Brokk is the most effective engineer right now in the game, the stingray has the potential to be the most damaging gunship in the game and Acheron can directly deny EM damage temporarily and as such should take a while to obtain one of these ships. The only ones you’ll see flying abouts the game right now are those that were purchased outright, so you’ll just have to passively grind them out like the rest of us.


The 7 day part limit apparently isn’t even a thing. We just all have horrid luck.

Again, no such limitations. Thread is closed.