Remove 3-rank limit in PvE

I was recently trying to squad with some friends in T3 PvE and we could not launch because one of his ships was 4 ranks under mine, yet still within the mode restrictions. This issue is bypassable by sync-launching but only works occasionally. This needs to be fixed, as it has nothing to do with the modes, as they already have rank restrictions.



Maybe it’s an oversight by the devs. Should be fixed.

agree too, this rule is only valid to PVP. At PVE and special ops (defiler) theres no need for this, since players can get in the same game without being in squad; PVE and defiler allows 2 tiers/6 ranks for the same queue.


Funny thing is: It counts your hightest ship in the slots to determine if you are allowed to queue in.

Had R4, R10 and R11 ships while another in the squad used R14 ships. Was possible.

What doesn’t make sense is the other way: It’s possible to have a player with R3- ships and another with R4+ mixed which xxxx up your available ships. Have seen enough times(sadly one time it was me…) squads with a player having only R3- and the other R4+ ships and then the one with R3- couldn’t even play the mission due not having ships to select - because to low ranked. But they can queue with such a setup… This isn’t enough! You have a bug, that you can use Duplicators! Do they function for the R3- user? Hell no! But you can waste them so! Great isn’t it?

Hey fellow mercenaries! im new to the game myself but i dont think the issues come from the ranking limits as much as it is how the devs handled matchmaking and how gear can be bought with real life currency. they need to switch the system to be based on gear rating and balance enemy lvls based on gear rating bracket since they allow people to buy gear with real life currency. if not this, then fix the uneven matchmaking 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-13, 14-16(add a new rank to tier 5)


I’m having trouble keeping my friends who are also new to the game playing because the gap in rank 4-9 or tier 2 is absolutely ridiculous. PVE should never become a job or a chore to play through.