Remaining synergy displayer.

Sometimes when you level up your ships it may happen for you to want to know the exact number of synergy remaining in order to level up so you can estimate how many games you need based on the average amount of synergy that you earn throughout the battles,a simple counter for that can be a small but useful feature so you wont bother to calculate the amount of synergy that you need.


Here is a example of what you can do:  ik youre gonna bash on me for not having this full but its an example so calm down.geez.and yes,the calculations are correct.



Indirect this feature is implemented. If you have enough free synergy and clicking on the level up it state how many you need. (^.^)

But interesting. Will it be about Pve/PvP/vAI? Or all of them mixed? Because the synergy gained is different for each mode. o.o