Reizen Drive [Module]

Name: Reizen Drive

Type: Passive Engine Module

Ranks: 6-15

Tooltip: Allows the user to warp in to different sectors without the use of the travel gates. Each jump costs fuel. In PvP, the user can jump 2,500m to the cursor every 60 seconds. Either jump preparation takes 3 seconds.


This passive module would act like the Spatial scanner in that it would need another keybind. Once in open space, the map would be opened, and travelling from sector to sectors would require the user to drag-click across the path they want to take, and each sector branch would require 15pts of fuel to travel. It would also use fuel from cargo.

Travelling to and from alien sectors would require 20pts of fuel regardless of origin sector. Returning from alien sectors is only possible to your origin sector.


Crafting this module should take crazy amounts of resources, but not monocrystals.






“Doctor Reizen is one of Planetary Dynamics’ head engineers and one of their only proper scientists. He was tasked to further analyse the Vulpanium crystals that Planetary Dynamics has become known for. Upon solving some major compatability issues, the Vulpanium reactor cores could be polished down and retrofitted on any type of craft through their engine ports. This breakthrough allowed almost instantaneous travel across entire sectors. The only problem now was its enormous fuel expenditure, but that problem may be solved very soon…”

But really any new, faster, way of travel in OS would be amazing. That and more modules that allow the user to teleport. (Not warp)