regular game mode

Was thinking about regular game mode today. Wanted to play - waited 6 min - only 2 people waiting with me. And this problem has been since arcade mode started. i must say i like regular more cause its more tactical and you kinda care about your ship more. And i’m sure that there are many who would want to play it but they dont cause of lack of players. 

So i had a thought how to bring more people back to regular. First you could pick any game mode you want to play - regular, recon or domination + whatever will be in the future - and there would be random - but with random there would be lets say 5% bonus to income and rep - this way the good old regular (should be named something … else i think) would have people playing it again 

One last thought - domination could use bit longer playtime - if one team starts strong then usually there isn’t enough time to retaliate. So maybe teams would start with more points. 


These are my thoughts. Any criticism is more than welcome.