Regenerative Coating Adjustment

Regenerative coating drastically favors interceptors, allowing them to fully repair in about 30 seconds.
By comparison, frigates will take about 3 minutes, and destroyers… 30 minutes.

I would suggest something like:

INT - 2.00% of hull per second  (30 seconds from 0 to full) about 100hp/s
FIG - 1.50% of hull per second  (40 seconds from 0 to full) about 105hp/s
FRG - 1.00% of hull per second  (60 seconds from 0 to full) about 200hp/s
DST - 0.25% of hull per second (240 seconds from 0 to full) about 500hp/s

This will give the different ship classes proportional benefit, while still being slower than shield regeneration.
Keep in mind the sacrifice one still makes to have passive hull repair… using modules and afterburners sparingly to stay at high energy, vulnerability to energy siphoning, and the lack of hull resistance or volume upgrades that could take that slot.

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Despite liking this suggestion, some builds would be absolutelly bonkers with this - for instance imagine a Black Dragon in SecCon with 2 regen coatings that would collectivelly heal it for 1.8%/sec (considering both are at 90%) with crystal plates and particle flow disruptor. That ship would be absolutelly unkillable on range.

In fact, destroyers should, keeping this idea in mind, get way more healing out of it - even a whole 1% due to the fact that:
a, Their modules can be destroyed
b, 2.5x multiplier in close combat
c, Outside of Emperor and Ze’ta, there’s really no other way for the dessies to heal on its own without equipping repair drones (which, honestly, are kind of garbage imho)
d, In the end it doesnt really break the game as much coz destroyers are like flying space barns and if a cov ops or any other good counter targets you, you are screwed either way.

Well and finally fighters and frigates (guards, engies) - for these 2 frig types its absolutelly garbage, as both benefit from more sophisticated builds through resistances and active modules. And fighters could potentially benefit from this (cough Stingray, Joker cough) but its questionable, coz as far as I am concerned, gunships could rock it but thats about it (technically Irbis aswell as that bullcrap boosts its healing by 220% with Mk.4 module).

So yeah, some ships could get to insane levels with it, others, not so much and balancing could become a nightmare, unless a limit similar to what horizon has (e.g. u can equip only 1) would take place.