Regen/heal numbers on the HUD

Sometimes I can’t distinguish the incoming damage numbers from regen/heal numbers. It’s not like anyone cares about them or anything but, my suggestion is adding them under the shield/hull bar with appropriate colors that match hull and shield bars in a form like “+<total sum of all heals and regeneration abilities per sec>”.

I already suggested this once.

Check some of my old suggestions.

I always forget to search such things tbh even if i did i wouldnt know what to write in the search as i didnt know when i wrote the topic name xD

Well,besides the green numbers sliding across the HUD like its made out of butter,the best way to distinguish your heals is by closely looking at the Hull and Shield Points increase or decrease(backwards regeneration FTW)by every 1 point,or the bars going up and down,remember,shield regeneration is faster the more energy you have in your capacitor(they count only as percentual vaules,100% of your capacitor means 100% of the shield regen and so on.)

I would like one whole, never disappearing, constantly adjusting number right under each bars in the hud, separate from incoming damage numbers, showing total regen on either hull or shield (separately of course) so i don’t have to always calculate mid battle. IDK how else to explain it…

Or maybe heals could just go on the left bars.

All im saying it’s a bit difficult to determine your regen rate when u get 435 345 554 235 numbers mixed between incoming damage. It makes sense like showing each individual gun damage fired on you in terms of incoming damage numbers.

Often there are many varying sources or regen though: passive regen, multipurpose modules, engi reps, green booster in team battle… An average probably wouldn’t tell you much because it would be constantly varying also! I would rather see the breakdown, and be able to judge for myself an average by seeing my health bars go up 

But an average is like all the sources divided by the number of sources to give an average of sources lol I just want a steady number going up and down with each variable taken into the sum. So, instead of showing me individual numbers like 223 shield regen, active module regen 887, a possible engi nearby 228, i would have a 1338 pts/s blinking at that moment showing the current regen rate of shields.

Can someone help me explain my idea, i suck at it xd