regarding beta status help us test

as testers we are supouse to try and give feedback of everything, problem here is the current prices of the things dont aloud for that, that being said y think that some changes will realy make testing much easier.

first thing i notice is the cost of reseting exp, granted 10 gold is not much, but for someone that whants to try as many builds as posible and see the performance of the skills 10+10+10+10+etc… can be quite expensive.

second thing is the sell price, current sell price is what 10% of the original price?, trying diferents weapons and mods becomes way to expensive.

wich brings my suggestion, for the duration of beta remove the cost of exp reset and make the selling price of 80-90% of the original item or ship.

Yes we should feed back on everything, the more feedback we get the better the game becomes, because if one person gives feed back, you only get 1 view, but it could be that one person only likes blue whtn 90% of the rest of the gamers in the game like black. so for this reason is best to give feedback on everything.

as for the reset, i feel the cost is on par at the moment, but i feel in the future it should be raised to 50 or even help improve income to the game.

as per the weapons cost, i feel it could be increased, but not beyond 20%. honestly. it might be ok where it is.

I feel one of the problems at the moment is that we dont have a universe and this will cause a lot of problems and cause a lot of rebalancing to be needed because if you balance the prices now then you release the universe as per example, it you will have to balance for the new system.

so its best to just release the patch of the universe then to move unto upgrading the various parts of the game, like changing the buy back prices for markets.;

honestly i feel that weapons and ships should be resellable via the market. for this to happen we first need a universe, then a market. and trying to balance the percentages at the moment with that in mind is futile and pointless.

the cost rework is only for the duration of beta, 10g for reset is not much until you try 30 or 40 diferent builds, same for weapons or ships, each weapon + the modules can cost around 500k now try to test 5 to 10 diferent weapons setups when the earning are around 10-30k a battle.