Refining Frigates

Guard frigs are supposed to be close range DPS boats, able to soak up and dish out incredible damage to anything stupid enough to sit still. At present, because of losing 2 turrets and the horrid FOV, they can’t really do this. Guard frigates need their 6 turrets back, and they need to be able to rotate and fire all of them in a 360 degree arc.


Engineer frigs are supposed to be strategic healers/buffers. Currently their survivability is very low unless they are in a cluster of other healers, in which case they are invincible. Healing modules need a nerf, while the individual survivability of engineers needs a buff. Not more guns or DPS, but more armor/shields. They are the first ships targeted by enemy interceptors whether in the front or in the middle of the group. Flying in the far rear makes no sense, as most ships die before they can retreat.


Long Range frigs are supposed to be stealthy, behind-enemy-lines snipers. At present, however, their best feature is sitting still at the far back. Most of their modules encourage them to disengage from their team and camp. They need more stealth options that can be used while on the move. They shouldn’t be as strong as Guards or Engineers, but they should be faster and harder to find. They also need a rapid deployment option (like a warpgate) so they can move around and escape quickly. They also need buffs that allow them to spot enemies for their teammates, much like a radar ship, that way they can still support their team even if they are separated.

I agree


Though, the LRF have silly low damage in some cases. I am starting to think it isn’t the damage so much as it is how much the enemy resistances effect it. 

Guard frigates: are support ships to defend allies and not short range dps(taht is the job of interceptors and fighters)

Enginering : is a to be a mid range support ship, not a frontline taker( that is the job of guard


Long range


i agree in almost all, he need a fast move way , and only that. Put a stealth ability awhile he move will make he too ninja, as that is the job of covert ops and tackles.


"They also need buffs that allow them to spot enemies for their teammates, much like a radar ship, that way they can still support their team even if they are separated." -That is the recon job.

I’ve thought for a while that LRFs need a toned down version of the MWD to give them the mobility to actually get in to useful sniping positions. Maybe one that sends them an uncontrollable 5k like the warp gate. That way it wouldn’t be OP for combat positioning.

Yeah this is good

Other solution is recduce the strafe speed and increase  the speed.

saw a LR frigate made 25+ kills earlier today. T2 beacon hunt.


first (and only?) 30+ kills i saw in a single PvP match was also made by a sniper.


i don’t know much about them but they seem to do well in the right hands.

I agree specially in Long Range Frigates, they have even less hull and shields than engis but they dont have warp gate and any kind of decent heal, they arent even fast. And the Jericho ones are fucked up because of the anti missile module…