referral system

if implemented properly, i think a referral system would be a great addition. it would help increase the player base, if even a little, and the rewards might help a little bit in terms of balancing out the ingame economy.


just as an example, a requirement could be for the player to achieve rank 3 or so, before any rewards are given.


the rewards could start off at like 50k credits for the first referral, and increase for every additional person.


just as an example:


1st - 50k

2nd - 100k

3rd - 150k

4th - 200k





up to like the 8th person where it caps at 400k per referral.


i didnt spend too much time on the specific amounts, so they could probably use some tweaking. but it shouldnt be anything gamebreaking considering that endgame ships cost upwards of almost 10mil, and i hear the repair costs are simply horrible, which really limits many people’s profits.