Reduce Enemy Activity on main routes

I like to fly in Open Space from time to time, just to do my daily missions or look at the beautiful backgrounds. Unluckily, i do not want to fight some stupid spam bots all the time ,though that is exayctly what is happening all the time. I do not have the time to look at the map for five seconds, before it goes “whooowhooo” another attack. 


So please consider this suggestion: Remove most enemies from the common flight routes, that is the lines between the gates. Put them further out where you are only bothered by them if you have to do a daily, want to find loot or want to fight them on purpose. People who just want to fly from one place to the other should be spared their attention.




I am afraid that this won’t happen. There needs to be a challange for travelling from gate to gate and hiding enemies in corners would make the open space look boring.

What about the respawn times? It seems a whole bunch of aliens appears on to of you after only 10 seconds of killing the last bunch. Maybe they could be increased slightly :slight_smile:

Just reduce their patrol paths and aggro range damn it. You can kite the whole god damn map with a cruise tackler.

Just sayin’ Solaris Wasteland.

Less agro range would be appreciated. As of now it is quite insane.

*sees alien 8km out*


*your ship asplode, would you like to pay to respawn and get owned again?*

Respawn time should seriously be ~2-5 minutes. There should be a possibility for a sector to be cleared out completely, but only if a squad is there. Right now, this is impossible and slightly unrealistic.

Solaris Wasteland is pretty hilarious, if there’s one sector to have too many aliens in it… :slight_smile:

Escorting transports is hilariously impossible due to the aliens that spawn. You have to aggro them and kite them into police patrols or something at juuuust the right time so that they’re far away from the transport, don’t fly back into their path before the transport warps out, and you have time to get near to the transport again to get credit for the mission.