Receiving agressor and criminal status in invasion

So I’ve gone out exploring the universe and all of its mysteries looking for potential profits and some amazing gameplay experience for a while now. I’ve been to all three factions’ stations and I’ve crossed the no-station-protection-systems numerous times, being killed by players occasionally and, inevitably, accidentally hit some of my allies as well. I’ve had a problem however where I think things might be a bit unfair to the player in terms of the the aggressor and criminal flags.


I certainly agree with the decision about having a 30 second aggressor status, where accidental damage to allies or the police will only have little consequences, whereas deliberate attacks will flag you as a criminal and cause all police units in the vicinity to try to take you down. However, I’ve had a problem a few days ago.


I was in a system without station protection, flying in my tackler equipped with both the sentry and the heavy guard drone. I saw some cartel npc’s attacking a convoy and decided to take them down. Launching my missile at the cartel frigate, it was moving fairly close to the freighter. The missile did hit the frigate, but the AoE damage had damaged the freighter a bit as well. At that point I received the ‘aggressor’ status and the escorts started to attack me. I didn’t really mind, their damage isn’t that incredible anyways, so I just cloaked and flew away. My combat drones however, which I had dropped when I engaged the pirates, apparently didn’t like it that I got attacked so they started shooting(and killing, at a surprisingly fast rate,) the escorts. It only took a few seconds until I was flagged as a criminal as well, allowing other players and causing police vessels to attack me. The players weren’t even the big problem(there actually wasn’t any pvp around at that moment, as far as I could see anyways), but the police gauss fighters deal incredible damage, so even with the ability to cloak they managed to take me down.


I haven’t really got a good solution to this problem, and it isn’t really that much of a problem either, but maybe a suggestion: changing the mechanics of the sentry, heavy guard and possibly combat drones slightly or otherwise tweaking the way one receives the aggressor status :slight_smile:


Again, not really a nuisance, but hey, might be something to think about right?


*oh, by the way, if this is the wrong place for this, please excuse me for this and let me know how to fix it :smiley: I might have missed a similar topic or a rule about posting… I’m not too familiar with forums and I’m not English either

I agree this is an issue that needs to be checked, but it seems the devs won’t be doing anything about it any time soon.

I agree this is an issue that needs to be checked, but it seems the devs won’t be doing anything about it any time soon.


Cuz teh moneyz ist more important than player satisfaction I heard.


(Im fine with the game as it is, its just that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. AHEM Russian vets+corps)

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can you please provide a proper suggestion, this is more a discussion